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by David Lucas - Bradenton, Florida - USA

Here's another batch from Cedar Key. I took these so you get yet another perspective. If any of you actually counted the boats let me know how many. I thought about it but it was like trying to count a swarm of knats, they never stayed still. A few notable items to look are some neat little beach tents. These things are like big umbrellas with an extended edge that stake into the beach - really easy to use, $40 at Sams club. I love the guy sitting down on a stand up board. There's one of Phil and me, I'm the good looking one. It's hard to believe that these four girls would be seen in public with us. We met some really nice people again, thanks for the conversation.

Beach Picture
Beach Picture
Doug Engh's  Penobscot 14, the only boat he's ever built.
Hugh Horton’s Bufflehead sailing canoe.
West Coast Trailer Sailor cook out. all you can eat for $10.
Holly Bird in her Crawford melonseed.
Ivana from Serbia (the hit of the whole place) and Steven Worley, my nephew.
Jay and Peggy Bliss in he self designed and built boat.
Cortez melonseeds, Howard Heimbrock's on left and Steven Worley's on right.
Dave and Helen Lucas in Laylah, the first Cortez melonseed built.
Phil Stewart and Dave Lucas waiting for dinner in front of Tony's.
Wes Write's  pull you, push me Pacific proa. 
Cathy and Rex Paine in "No Man's Land" boat they built.
Rose Stewart, Mary Ann Heimbrock, Helen Lucas, Caroline Lawrence at Tony's.
Steven Worley and the beautiful Ivana in his Cortez melonseed.
Crazy Steve and Lenna Deming in his 17 foot launch, Chelsea. Powered by a 10 hp Briggs and Stratton lawn mower motor offering a tow to two Cortez melonseeds.

For more pictures of this event click on this site.


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