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PDR Calendar - Call for Photos

It's time to start soliciting photos for the 2013 PDRacer calendars. We try to feature notable PDRacers, captains, crews, families, and events of potential interest to PDRacers throughout the year as a means of supporting the PDRacer web site , the annual World Championship race, and the class itself. Printing and shipping expenses for 50 calendars usually run about $350.00. All profits above the break even point are used for the purposes listed. Typically we generate from $250.00-$450.00 for distribution. In return, PolySail International puts itself at risk for the initial costs and takes on the work, but gets to reserve one month for its latest boat and put its name on the front of the calendar as sponsor.

If you have a photo featuring a PDR or owner that you think would be appropriate, please email me a copy along with a release giving me full discretion for its use and publication. There are no guarantees that your photo will be used, but if I get enough good photos, there is no reason we can't offer two different calendars featuring different boats or a wall calendar with different photos. While we tend to be partial to boats having polytarp sails, a look through the calendars from the last three years will show we don't really discriminate against non-PolySails.

I would also appreciate knowing the dates for any 2013 events that might potentially involve PDRacers or their owners. So I would like to hear from organizers, as well. We sometimes miss some events and dates because we try to get the calendars done in time for Christmas delivery, and often organizers haven't thought about their 2013 events yet.

Order forms generally go up on our PDRacer Products Page at:

around November 1. Please let me know if you have any questions. We try to be very open about all aspects of this calendar initiative, and hope that it continues to be a source of support for a little boat that attracts so many novices and creative individuals to boatbuilding and sailing.

Dave Gray


Dear Chuck,

AIS is becoming more and more popular on coastal and inland waterways. I wonder if your readers would be interested in our new iPhone and Android AIS app, Boat Beacon, which allows users to see other boats via AIS and report their own boats position to Internet based AIS systems and other Boat Beacon users without the need for an AIS receiver or Transponder. It is specifically designed for use on the water, uniquely providing Bearing, Range and Closest Point of Approach (CPA) calculations in addition to the standard AIS information. It uses up to the second AIS feeds unlike the other AIS apps which can be a minute or even more behind real time. I have written a brief article about how I came to write Boat Beacon for my own use which may be of interest too  -

Best Regards
Steve B
Pocket Mariner

Rope Coatings

I just read an article on line written by Mr. Hamernick who had a question about the composition of rope coatings. Having volunteered for a spell on the square rigger SSV Niagara, made famous in the battle of Lake Erie in 1813, I can report what we used on natural fiber lines there. It is 80% pine tar, 10% linseed oil, 10% black enamel and a splash of Japan drier. You might also visit the website at where you will find a link for more useful info.

More about growing up - or not

Chuck: Seems to be a common theme in the world, ref your comic: Around the Boatshop Oct 2012.

I saw this in the Frankfurt Airport book store on the way through last year. Sorry it's not a good picutre, but you can see the idea...

Brian Snider

Chuck Merrell

Hi Mike,

Just wondering if there's anyway you or myself can contact Chuck Merrell or his company for some info and possibly some plans for the "Warlock 39 MK II"? I tried for more info though the link provided however the website is no longer in service, I also tried contacting Chuck directly via his email and it too is no longer functional. Not sure if you can  help me on this but figured I should ask, but I must give praise to this website. It has provided me with many hours of reading and research, so thank you for you contribution to the sailing world. Hope to hear from you soon.


Piccup Pram

You may have notice I posted a new YouTube video on th Piccup Pram. Been meaning to do it and take the chance to use a new editing software (Adobe Premier Elements 9). It was in response to a video a couple weeks ago calling for Piccup videos and I was already working on this one.

Also, the guy who provided the background mustic is planning to come to the Florida 120 with another musician friend. Could be good campfires!

Gary Blankenship









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