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I put a video of the 7 foot Fliptail folding dinghy up at Youtube if you want to link to it.


Busking in holland:


Free Ebooks

Fulton's "Steam Battery": Blockship and Catamaran, by Howard I. Chapelle

The Pioneer Steamship Savannah: A Study for a Scale Model, by Howard I. Chapelle

The Cruise of the Dolphin, by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Mike John

We know that almost all small boat sailors are geniuses. This particular genius swam like "ein Stein" (a stone), but generally refused to wear a PFD.

An article by John Vigor.

About a boat he had been given while still in Germany.

About his stay on Long Island.


I am currently building a Welsford Walkabout and is interested in all things related to boatbuilding. 


As many of you know I have maintained a web site for the West Wight Potter Sailboat Owners.

To recieve notices, all you have to do is join a yahoo group site that I maintain as a mailing list.

Bill Nolen

I wait with bated breath for the next article and this morning I saw treasure chest and power tools so here is my suggestion.


I've taken Bolger's Singlehander Schooner as a starting point and turned it into a 94% scale stitch and glue boat with composite masts. Here's the link for the description of what I've built so far.


Thought folks would like to see the effort to recover after a dismasting... makes me like wooden masts a whole lot more.

Steve Lewis

M’Lady has just finished getting a new article up on our website  It’s based mostly on photos donated by my friend Harry Duncan ( after his trip to Viet Nam last summer.

Ken Preston

Here is a video of "Cachivache" surfing Monday. And this video as well.


This is a slightly dated entry from this very interesting blog, but still relevant. It's nice to see the birchbark canoes being built.


An interesting clip of wooden boat building and sailing in Russia. 

Interesting seeing the Orthodox Priest blessing the sailing vessel, the wooden church and the models built for the Hornblower film.


How to sail a wheelbarrow. There is more sailing farther down. We have "barrowed" much from the Chinese.


You have to admit, that's pretty cool.


You can now whale watch from your heated car parked in the lot under the Bourne Bridge with a cup of coffee.


The canoe sailing magazine has changed into a new format as Skinny Hull - an excellent first issue.


The Alma Dopel was built in Bellingen on the north coast of NSW and is still sailing today. The video is interesting and so is its story.


Maybe a little bigger than we usually encounter in Duckworks, but I'll bet the aura is the same.  

Pete Leenhouts

Check out this link to see whats cooking in Texas.

Gene L

First off, here's my first ever video interview that'll give you a wee bit of an overview of the operation.

For those of you who don't like videos over the web, here's a writeup from the local on-line newspaper (please note: I NEVER said the skins were delicate).

And here's the pics and commentary I've been writing up every day. I'll get today's pics up a little later, then flesh it out with prep and aftermath links and such.

Andrew Linn

African Queen to be restored to former seedy glory.


I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter


Large Craft -Shallow Draft.

Ancient Mariner

I am crazy, but this is nuts! Watch these guys as they prepare for a trip round the Horn on a Nacra20!