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Nice broach! 10 minutes for a MOB is way too long though...


I am building a couple of new boats for this year's Vacation Messabouts...(Pepin and Rend Lakes). I am building a 10 ft version of a Puddle Duck and a version of a Duck Punt with chine runners to see if they are of any benefit. I have build threads at and Boatdesign. net forums.


Free Ebooks:

The Boy Allies Under the Sea, by Robert L. Drake.

Some Naval Yarns, by Mordaunt Hall.

The Boy Allies with the Victorious Fleets by Robert L. Drake.

A Sailor of King George by Frederick Hoffman.

Mike John

Here is an interesting Web page I found.

How to make a canoe paddle with a jig on a bandsaw:

Making a canoe paddle 



I'm forwarding this link from one of my Spanish-speaking trimaran correspondents.

Subject matter aside, I thought you might enjoy some of the emoticons they use in their various comments. I have to admit, I haven't seen them in blog posts before!


There is quite a lot of information to be found on sliding outriggers


See Also

Crystal River boat bash pictures.

Dave Lucas

I had a quick look online and saw this. Which gives an idea, but rather a complicated "professional" solution. I made clips from short lengths of plastic electric conduit slit on the bottom. That held the rope in place during normal sailing but pulled out easily when needed. And BTW don't use too thin a rope.

Richard Woods of Woods Designs

"Years of regular use have confirmed that the sliding rigger is greatly superior to the sliding seat for sea rowing." Less body weight shifting fore and aft, so minimal hobby-horsing in still waters too, I wonder?


I finally decided it needed to be on the Boathouse site, since it was at the Boathouse.

Andrew Linn

Thought you might like to see the video we finally got together on the Sherpa build we did at the Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser's convention. Please take into consideration the time line we had to build this thing when you look at some of the workmanship.

John Owens 
J O Woodworks

NeilPryde Racing Series returns to Extreme Sailing SeriesT global circuit.

Click here to read the online version


Those interested in old Gulf living might find these photos interesting as they include a one-cylinder engine as well as the wooden boat it powered, and a pirogue in the attic. College football fans might find the link interesting as well.


And the launch on Friday 11th May was cut short as the boat took on water.  Maybe the planks needed to swell or more caulking needed. Will find out more on Thursday.


Robin Wood posted a bunch of photos on the bronze age boat. Looks like they just got behind and didn't have time to get it fit right.

Brian A

I guess I've known for quite some time how plywood is made, but never really watched it being done.

Pretty impressive how quickly the lathe turns a log into a thin sheet of veneer!


Here's the link - Cap Irons in Planing.


A friend in my industry (wind energy) that is also a sailor sent me this link. It may not be your thing, but I thought it was pretty darned entertaining.

This craft was made in the same facility, and used many of the same materials, that are employed in the building of large-scale wind turbine blades.


Progress in tricking the wind to take you where you want to go as fast as possible is almost guaranteed to generate some extremely entertaining (read: expensive) moments. Mark1 Sailrocket's Odysseus-vs-Aeolus-turns-Icarus incident. Trying to harness the wind while standing still can also have its moments.


I have finished my Tread Lightly build (blog). A solo cruiser designed by John Weldsford.


Just wanted to let you know that the Flapdoodle website is back.


Dra-gun uses a power drill to mix and apply two-part liquids. Inventor William Mace used to live aboard a small boat, where he tried his best to cast and mold custom parts. If you've ever worked with resins or other two-part materials, however, you'll know just how messy and involved the process can be - the two component liquids have to be poured in a precise ratio into a mixing cup, stirred thoroughly together, poured, and then the left-over mixture, cup and stir stick have to be disposed of. Instead, Mace created the Dra-gun - a power drill-mounted system that automatically mixes the liquids in the desired ratio, and that produces virtually no waste.


I just posted the latest edition of The PDRacer Newsletter.


The final results have come in and it can be said that polystyrene can be coated with polyester resin with a barrier of good quality PVA wood glue. If the following steps are taken. Apply a coating of pva wood glue to the polystyrene and allow it to dry for two days. Apply a coating of catalised resin over the pva wood glue as you would apply paint and allow to harden Apply glass and resin as normal over step two. If a thick coating is applied directly over the PVA glue then it will react with the PVA glue. I would suggest that a coloured pigment is added to the PVA to allow you to know where you have been same goes for the first coat of resin. This is taken from.

Stewart Strik

Here is a short video showing the progress I've made on the latest boat I'm building. It's a 10 ft dinghy inspired by the Optimist. I started about April first.


I saw your link to our Lug Nuts article last month (thanks!) and just wanted to point out that John has another article since then that may interest your Duckworks readers: Tracing the Evolution of a Kayak Sailing Rig.

Matt Cordrey

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