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Stolen from ratbag media in "sailing...canoe" yahoo group.


Here is the best online article I have seen about the advanced dinghy racing practice of sailing downwind by-the-lee.



Another good book on sail theory is Tom Whidden's The Art and Science of Sails. Whidden was the former CEO of North Sails, and you can gain some insight into the technology and competitiveness of the high end sail market in an interview of Whidden by Sailing Anarchy.

Dave Gray

The Footloose sketch, new design on the board by John Welsford, is here.


You can find out some real numbers for currents. Like here is a report for Ohio.


Their replica based on Harry Sucher's scow sloop. Harry is IMHO among the greats like Howard I, Nat, Westy, and PB.

John Boy

I know only a few of you are interested in fast multihulls, but I think everyone like fast boatbuilding methods. So you may find this video that we took yesterday of interest.

It's the assembly of my Strike 15 trimaran main hull, and is 12 minutes long. One continuous shot, no editing.

Richard Woods, of Woods Designs
www. small-boat-designs. com

Free Ebooks

Frank Mildmay, by Captain Frederick Marryat

Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812, by Alfred Thayer Mahan

Peter Simple and The Three Cutters, Vol. 1-2 by Frederick Marryat

Mike John

Here are some photos of a boat, not recent. What an amazing, beautiful sailboat.


The East End Classic Boat Society is now on facebook!


We just got a hold of a bunch of 'Wind in the Willow' stamps issued by Great Britain in 1979. Susan did the artwork and calligraphy; the matting is done by me.


Any smaller and I might complain?

Paddle Van

Who says traditional sails won't go to windward? Here is Chuck Pierce sailing his Mayfly 14 out of the Padre Island Yacht Club during this year's Texas200.


Not really a DIY thing, but interesting, bundle of new technologies used for a ship about to enter service for oil platforms in the North Sea and sub-Arctic.


Wish him well.


The new issue of Classic Yacht is waiting for you.


These guys have managed to 3-d print a full sized boat using recycled milk jugs. Pretty neat stuff, think of the possibilities. More pictures and videos.

Sean Patev

What the worlds greatest tiki hut looks like.


They call it land sailing...

Now to apply this tech to our sailing vessels.


Here is an interesting report - if these become commercially available, I would consider putting some of them in my more expensive tools.


I hope you like them!

Pathfinder, "My Darling Audra"

These photos are biased toward the sail and oar boats... hope you enjoy the photos.... originally I came up to Oregon from California to pick up a sailboat (northeaster dory) but then I couldn't help myself and decided to travel to Seattle for the boat show.


Thought someone else might find this interesting too....


One that might interest you.

Gavin Atkin

I found this while searching for info on boat building wood, it's a side by side comparison of eastern white pine and radiata pine.


Coroplast 29 pound speed boat.

Christopher Wilson

Here’s a blog I did recently that might be of interest to your readers.

Tom Schultz

We've got lots of pictures but few names, etc and I was only there one day. There was a nice article in a local paper, thanks to Paul Esterle I think.


"Planing" is Bunkum - Myths about Planing, Displacement and semi Planing Hulls and modes.

MIK Storer

Bruce has put together a Bolger Boats list using some of the thumbnails I created - take a look.

Mike John

Kuai Le is semi famous, we were on TV, well she was I wasn't. Check this out. She comes on toward the end after the whiners from the Maritime Society. The guy you see in the first part in the small out board boat with the dog is the guy who pulled me off the breakwater on launch day. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, you should see some of the wrecks and abominations actually in the marina.

Kevin McNeill

You might want to look at my blog dedicated to the water around me.

Harry Holman

My scroll saw pattern book.

Mike John

Bill Bates has posted the specs for his latest design, Columbia, on his blog.  The plans are available from Duckworks.


On our blog we've posted a peek inside the US Coast Guard's recreational boat testing facility in Solomons, Maryland. They let us tag along and snap some photos as our new Peeler Power Skiff got the full treatment. Check it out.

Matt Cordrey

Reminds me of a race or two at Livingston and Lake Palestine.... Watch to the end! Maybe the best Olympic commentary the time around.... Language warning...

Bill Tosh

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