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  • July Letters

  • Savvy Boaters Know The Difference Between "Towing" And "Salvage"
    Is this a towing job or a salvage job?

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • July Splash

  • Lake Hopatcong
    Nestled in Morris County in north central NJ is beautiful Lake Hopatcong.

    The Everglades Challenge - 2013 - Part Two
    The wind returned around 5 am, rattling the boom tent. It enticed neither of us to rise early, but did manage to send some drafts through the tent that chilled us.


  • July Reports

  • Essential Skills for Beginner Boatbuilders
    This was the first of what we expect to become a regular event.

    Poke About XL - A Letter to Ken Simpson
    I bought the plans for the Poke About from Duckworks in late 2011. I chose the XL version to build. I launched it late last year into the Brisbane River.


  • July Treasure Chest

  • The Everglades Challenge - 2013
    A light but steady rain is falling on the boom tent stretched over the cockpit. The main and mizzen masts, with their furled sails, form the ridgepole.

    Adventures of Building a Foam Trimaran...
    ...There have been a surprising number of questions about the design of this ugly little boat named Finger Mullet.

    Ghost Cannon
    There are two Islands the Boston Harbor Island ferry free tickets get you to, Spectacle Island, most noted for its beaches, and Georges Island.

    A Felucca on the Nile
    Wherever you go in the world, even in extreme environments, you will find that the locals use boats for passenger transportation and/or to move goods.


  • July Webwatch

  • Big Lugsail Plans
    In researching sail plans for my conversion of a 31 foot Searunner Trimaran into a motor sailer I discovered that Lug Sail Plans are few and far between on the Internet.

    For a couple of years now I've been corresponding with Wilhelm Laurie in South Africa. He's been beavering away at his Navigator and has just launched her.

    Building 'BIJOU' a 13' Mini Cruising Sailboat - Part Three
    With the all the glassed and epoxied surfaces sanded, it was now ready for primer paint.

    Lofting Today - Part Six
    Now let's go ahead to build our 10 foot skiff upside down.

    OAHE 1530
    This hull design is some what the same as the Reservoir 1525, but it's a bit wider at the beam, and the transom is quite a bit wider than on the Rez.