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  • June Letters

  • Building 'BIJOU'a 13' Mini Cruising Sailboat - Part Two
    One unique feature of this design was that it was shown with two centerboards with each case forming the front of the bunks in the cabin design.

    So Why Do We Go to Boat Shows?
    So why do we go to boat shows? For a few lucky souls like my friend Bob, the intent is actually to buy a boat!

    Dutchmen – Patching Cheap Plywood
    I'm cheap; hence I'm using cheap plywood which has knot holes in one of the faces.


  • June Splash

  • Va'a Motu
    The va'a motu (island canoe) was the highest development of the Tahitian outrigger sailing canoe.

    Building "BIJOU" a 13' Mini Cruising Sailboat - Part One
    After years of building and sailing boats, I have arrived at age 75 still having a desire to find another project that I could bring to life.

    The Musings of a Boatbuilding Addict
    ...Chuck and Sandra Leinweber has had the biggest impact on the growth in the amateur boat building movement, not only here in North America but also worldwide.

    The Small Craft Skills Academy Evolves
    Sometimes a good idea just keeps getting better and this is what has happened with the Small Craft Skills Academy.


  • June Reports

  • Lake Powel Adventure - Part Three
    The afternoon turned out hot and Anita Hahn and I lounged and visited under the tarp Chuck had thoughtfully rigged off the side of our vehicle.

    Introducing The STOW-A-WAY!
    In the summer of 2008, I singlehanded a Tanzer 22 up the Maine Coast.


  • June Treasure Chest

  • Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention
    The sixth annual Havasu Pocket Cruisers' Convention (HPCC) was held February 10-17 on Lake Havasu, a reservoir of the Colorado River, between California and Arizona.

    Texas TSCA Chapter
    ... Sponsors Family Boat Building Class


  • June Webwatch

  • Tying the Death Grip Belt Hitch
    This variation of the Death Grip Hitch (aka DGH) was the result of having too much spare time on my hands.

    On choosing the Selway Fisher "Able".

    Son of Circe
    I had a Sevylor inflatable with a sailing rig so I just used that as a tender. The Sevylor was OK but this past spring I decided to heck with it, I'm going to build a tender.

    Lofting Today - Part Five
    Now that we know a few things, let's put them to work. We begin with the space in which we'll work and the loft floor.

    Building an Aluminium Trailer - Part 3
    Now it’s time to test out the theory. The previous two articles were just talk, this is where I get a few more scars on the hands.

    Building Sliding Hatches/Doors
    Gene's Yellow Goose had been constructed a couple of years before with a large "Bird-Watcher" type cabin, and was a great sailboat.

    The Day I Almost Drowned
    Ever year, we looked forward to the beach, and as each child came along they learned to look forward to the biggest sandbox a kid could imagine.