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  • March Letters

  • Memories of Last Summer - Part One
    I was at last all ready, hooked up, a kiss and hug from wife Denny and I’m off down the road.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • March Splash

  • Marsh Duck
    Surfing the web, I learned about ocean rowing boats and sailing canoes. I read Fredrick Fenger's 'Alone in the Caribbean' and realized: "I want a boat that can do that!"

    Making a Custom Ice Box
    When I was given a quantity of 2 1/2 urethane foam, I decided to just build a box to fit the space.


  • March Reports

  • A Redfish Trip
    It might seem a bit odd to some of my northern friends that Dec. 18th would be a good time to sail at night to an island for an "anchor out", but this is TEXAS!

    Storer-style Paddle Construction
    I don't know if everyone has noticed - but MIK has plans for paddles.


  • March Treasure Chest

  • Tying the Death Grip Loop
    This variation of the Death Grip Hitch (aka DGH) came about from an email sent via Chuck at Duckworks, for a request from a Boy Scout Leader in New Jersey a year or so ago.

    Strongback - Horses for Courses
    Over the years as maturity advances along with an increasing number of grey hairs a few pennies eventually drop.

    Foot Pedal Steering on a Sailing Canoe
    When I started thinking about this project and how the steering would work all I knew was that it would take a lot of trial and error.


  • March Webwatch

  • First Outing
    The day was November 3rd, 2012 which was a day I thought would never arrive. With the boat loaded on my vehicle, I met Skip Johnson at his house at 10:30am.

    Working with Jim Michalak
    I quickly realized that I wanted to be able to get a boat in the water in under 30 minutes by myself and be able to sail for a week with supplies.

    The Punt Build
    I read or heard a quote many years ago that "Until a man raises a son and builds a boat his life is not complete".

    Organic Cleats
    You can, of course, screw/bolt your cleats to the deck and hope for the best, but today we have materials to make cleats an integral part of a boat.

    Where to Build - Part Three
    It is now almost a year since I built the boat shed, at the time I promised third article on how the project worked out through rain, wind and snow.

    Lofting Today - Part Two
    Now for a curved hull. The method is the same, only with a curve we need more points.