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  • May Letters

  • Second Trip to the Tortugas
    I drove to Kevin's house on Friday night so we could make an early start the next morning.

    Dinghy Lessons
    As time went on, I began to worry about the storage of the dinghy on the deck.


  • May Splash

  • Lessons Learnt
    Don't buy a boat. Building one is not a loop hole either; in fact the very distant horizon seen when going down that path is no less bleak than the previous option.

    The East End Classic Boat Society
    Boat Shop & Classic Boat Society Activities.


  • May Reports

  • Something New from the ORYX
    In September Splash the ORYX build (KD 860) by Pete Hill was introduced. In the meantime he has been very busy finishing/preparing the boat for his next journey.

    Pathfinder Main Track & Sail Stowage Bag
    I liked the Pathfinder the minute I came upon the plans with a description of its concepts and mission.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part Eleven
    The Whaleboat hit the water to the sound of viking horns. It floated!

    I wanted to build a neat boat to play with the kids.


  • May Treasure Chest

  • What a Difference a Line Can Make
    This set of lines has been lurking in my head and on the computer since September 2011, and I've drawn at least nineteen major versions...

    Boat School Launch First Boats
    The 32nd year of classes began at the waterfront School on October 2nd, 2012.


  • May Webwatch

  • Lake Powel Adventure - Part Two
    We hauled the boat cushions out and lay on our backs naming constellations and watching for shooting stars and satellites
    (and UFOs, of course).

    Lofting Today - Part Four
    The only aspect of lofting which gives anyone trouble is the curved transom.

    Building an Aluminium Trailer - Part Two
    Now we need to look at the specific design and size of the trailer.

    A Few Days in San Diego
    In December I went on a trip with my wife to San Diego.


  • Special EC Webwatch

  • Propulsion - Part Two
    Technical Details on How the Propulsion Force By Product is Produced.

    Propulsion - Part One
    Hidden Propulsion via Modified Application of the Leeboard, Mizzen, and Rudder.