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by Dan Kunz – Florida Keys - USA

The Polynesian Sun and Water Gods blessed the event - beautiful weather, great seas, bright sun and our normal spectacular Islamorada sunsets!  Three great days of fun, camaraderie, eating, drinking, bragging about our boats and telling sailing lies!

More than fifty people were in attendance at the Hui Wharram (a rendezvous or gathering of Wharrams) and the Wharrams were heavily trafficked by those interested in building or buying a Wharram sailing catamaran.  We had attendees from California, North Carolina, Maine, Illinois, Louisiana and Texas. 

The fleet

The owners were pleased to show off their boats and “talk shop” with everyone.  We expect a few new boats to be in build by this time next year!  There were three Tangaroas (36’), a Tiki 30, a Tiki 26 (8M), a Pahi 31, and a Narai 42 that was nearby.  The Pahi sailed in more than 500 miles to attend.  A Tiki 21 almost made it from more than 200 miles away but was becalmed for an extended period in the maze of islands that make up the Florida Everglades and got within about 35 miles of the event, but the sailors made it by bus!

The Wharrams on the Lorelei beach provided a great backdrop for magnificent sunset photos and even for a wedding that was occurring on the beach during our dinner.


Before the Saturday evening Dutch-treat dinner at the Lorelei we had presentations by Chuck Kanter on anchoring and knots and by Sandy Graves on the C-Head composting toilet – topics of great interest to cruising catamaran owners.  Both presentations were informative and generated great questions and a lot of after-presentation discussion.

Tying up

The Islamorada Chamber of Commerce provided local information, navigation charts and discount booklets and the info packages included copies of the Free Press and the great Southwinds Magazine (a must read for everyone!).  Everyone got a package and many people won door prizes provided by the Lorelei (t-shirts), Chuck and Corrine Kanter, Frank Papy and Scott B. Williams (their autographed books).

Land Ho!

The winners of our most prized awards (i.e., the signage for the event, complete with lashing lines in proper Wharram fashion, (these signs are suitable for place mats, captains cabin decoration or pooper scoopers) were: greatest distance traveled (from California) – Paul Garcia; newest Wharram owner – KC Gunn (Tangaroa); newest boat built  –  Dave Halladay (Tiki 8M – only put in the water two days before the event and sailed 250 miles directly to the Hui!), longest running “my boat will be finished and here next year” excuse – Ivan (last name left off to protect his real identity and limit the abuse he will take!), and our inspirational leader award to Gene Perry who at 88 is still sailing his Tiki 26.

Dave's 8M

My personal favorite Wharram was KC’s Tangaroa.  She recently purchased it and will be “sailing the farm” with her companion Troy, their new baby (due in a few months) and their large pooch Sprocket.  They are currently living aboard and will be cruising the islands and Latin America as on-board sustainable cruisers.  It was great to see their potted vegetables and garden on board!  True Wharramites!

Bird's eye view

We are all looking forward to next year’s event at about the same time with the expectation that those who could not make it with their boats this year will join the Wharramite ranks next year.


The Hui Wharrams are free and open to all.  If you would like to be included on the email list regarding next year’s event please send an email to  We would love to have you attend!

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