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by Michael Storer - Adelaide, South Australia - Australia

Photos taken by Michael (MIK) Storer - preparations at J. O Woodworks then some at Sail OK.

This is one of Mike Storer's Eureka canoes that John Owens built to be a trimaran.
The akas are from Mike's Drop In Outriggerplans.
The Beach at Sail Oklahoma.
Dave Gentry's SOF w/outrigger made from a 2X4.
Dave Gentry's SOF w/outrigger made from a 2X4.
Paul Helbert's -Chapelle Skin Dinghy.
Tom Cole's Bolger Micro.
Two participants.
Tom Cole's Bolger Micro dingy. Stan Roberts built the Family Skiff.
L to R - Frank Coletta, Steve Lansdowne and Tom Cole. Charlie Jones in the background.
SOF kayak built n owned by Susan Ford.
Johns Sharpie with added on tri rig owned by Charlie Jones - outriggers for the Sharpie were designed by Graham Brynes.
David Nichols, Charlie Jones, Cathy Tomsett.
Micro w/dingy backing down ramp.
John Owens-Texas Duck (type PDR).
Ross Miller's Egret skin-on-frame design built by John Owens.
Ruth Wherry, SOF, by Dave Gentry.
PDR built n owned by Gary Cull.
John Owens-Eureka Sailing Trimaran.
Detail of the boat above.
Dave Gentry and Trevor Atkin out in one of Dave's SOF boats.
Dave Gentry

Custom Skin on Frame Boats by Dave Gentry.

Michael Storer's plans are available in our store.


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