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by Nolan, David - Aberdeen, Maryland - USA

She is 26' 10 inches tip to tip. About 1900 lbs in these photos. Power is a Honda 150 and Yamaha High thrust 9.9.

She has a 3 ½ anchor deck, 7 foot cabin with two bunks, 6 foot pilot house with a bench seat with slip top for standing at the windows. Fully opening Lexan windows on a 45 inch opening, which I made so I can drive hook my arm out the window at the right height. 6'2" pilot house height max. Nine separate compartments for safety. Beach sand in the final coat of epoxy for non skid prior to painting.

I stretched the design limitations a bit, and so used a full 9 inch stringer and 5/8ths bottom. She is a tank.

The new boat shakedown cruise was Mothers day. We took her into the C&D Canal and ate at a waterside place. The kids had fun.

The boat ran great. Next we took it offshore, running 125 nm on the gps logger and using about 35 gals. Combined ocean and river miles were over 130 nm and estimated 3.75 nmpg. WOT speed is 31 Knots. 4400 rpm cruise is 22 kts. We also caught 16 cod to 18 lbs on an offshore wreck.

The boat ran beautifully and even with the cable steering, was easy to drive. The NFB helm locks out engine torque and the boat tracks very straight.

The boat is easy to trailer weighing an estimated 2500 lbs as she sits now with motors on. She holds 69 gallons of fuel which should be plenty for offshore overnight tuna trips.

Here are some pictures.

Click to download the chart in excel spreadsheet format.

Here's a couple of youtube videos. The first of the boat coming in from Cod fishing - 20 kts at 4400rpm.

A high speed pass showing how Tolman Skiffs deal with water (near the end of the clip).

We could not be more pleased with how well this boat performs. Our total cost for the boat, new trailer, two brand new motors was about 31K. We expect to save a ton in fuel cost also, and I would say that it is a safer boat than most any 27 foot boat on the market anywhere. It is twice the old 23 foot Tolman skiff in feel on the water. Tons of room too. The New Red has more deadrise, bigger cabin, six inches more beam, 4 inch chine shelves, 36 inch sides, 70 gallon main tank. 

She will fish out of Ocean City MD, Indian River Del, and Manasquan NJ. 

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