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by Phillip McCracken - Rotorua - New Zealand

Small, portable, and fun the U.F.O Punt is an easy to build 3 piece punt dinghy. The 2 sides are made from 16 mm plywood, then the bottom panel is made from 2  pieces of 4 mm plywood well glued between layers wrapped over the sides then nailed/screwed to the solid wood spreaders. The x2 – 4 mm ply layers makes bending easier than using 6 mm ply wet down with hot water system that I previously used in my last article about the round nose bow Dragonfly / U.F.O punt building.

Add some skids on the bottom of the hull for protection, a seat located foot from the transom end, oarlocks, a lick of paint, a racing stripe to help gain a few more knots and job done. I varnish/stained the inside, used cheap ol galvanized nails and waterproof pva glue to hold it all together, and for the sealer coat before the paint I used the waterproof pva glue, I also used talc powder and waterproof pva glue mix for the filler.

It fits in the back of my car no problem, its easy to row,it would be a good float box for fishing, would suit ponds, creaks, lake edge and protected sheltered water ways, remember safety first always wear a life jacket. She floats me at 105 kgs 6 ft 2 no problem. Use small 5ft oars insert a back rest or an electric outboard or a sail the possibility's are endless.

U.F.O Punt dinghy

6 ft x 3 ft / 18 in sides – 16 or 12 in sides would also do the trick.

More info please visit my free website plans.

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