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The Snohomish river connects to "my" sloughs. Funny thing, I think of them that way. ;-)   Here is a video I shot there.   Shows why I love those sloughs so much. 

Bryan Lowe

Have you ever been standing on your main sheet when....



I´m about to complete a Piccup Pram and recording the progress on a blog.


Posted pic of boat with sail from Aug 30.

Taz Boy

I don't understand this but I would guess that the hull of the ship is the airfoil with the deck acting as an end plate to reduce the tip loss. The extremely low aspect ratio foil would benefit a lot.


Most people think of a catboat as one that is a very wide flattish bottomed boat with a big gaff mainsail fitted in the bow and a barn-door rudder. Here's an example.  

Richard Woods

In the UK a bassboat is typically hardchine but always very different.

Richard Woods

I love leeboards so much - especially for Florida sailing - that I have an article on my web site in praise of them.

Trimaran Frank

Kenosha, WI, is a few miles north of the marina (North Point Marina, the world's largest fresh water marina - or so I've been told) at which I keep my Pathfinder. I was working, not sailing, at the time. A friend reported a very strange wind shift on the water at the time further south due east of Chicago - he had been unaware of conditions further north. He reported winds shifted from NE to S in under ten minutes.


Pathfinder "My Darling Audra"


As per the article by Max Wawrzyniak on Weird outboards, I have a running 5 cylinder radial Riley outboard motor, the only running example that I know of. There's a posting on "you tube" showing it running on Lake Haines in Winter Haven Fl. It's about a 1 minute video.


I have now started up a site for my plans.

Paul (PAR)

Hard to think that an unlimited hydro driver would go all the way down to racing Pelicans.


Following is a link to a youtube video which we just made of the first test sail of a Jim Michalak Scram Pram which I finished building for Greg Flemming here in Australia. Great boat - 4.7 knots hard on the wind, and 6 knots downwind - wake as flat as a pancake, and tiller very light.

Ross Lillistone

New Standard TT2A Gasoline Engine Tiny-Tach™


They (Weekenders) are beautiful boats. There are generally a couple at the Lake Pepin Messabout, Vacationers too. Even an "open" Weekender without a cabin.


Click here to read the September/October issue of Classic Yacht now!

 Not a boat but a serious example of lamination technique that is quite applicable to boat building. 


This was on the WB Forum.  45 minutes.  Very enjoyable.


735ft freighter is now able to use the NW Passage. Article says it shaved 1000nm off the normal route through the Panama Canal and $80K in fuel. For a freighter, $80 in fuel per miles doesn't seem so bad, until you are traveling thousands of miles.

Andrew Linn

An interesting project from 1905, they got the sails but forgot the boat.

I posted a video that my son made of our sail together and he used some nice music that unfortunately was copyrighted and couldn't be watched outside of the US. This new music isn't, so enjoy if you couldn't watch it before.

I think this 8ft dinghy is planing!

Richard Wood

Amazingly old. Amazing that the traditional eel traps today are identical to then. Wow, 3600 years...


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