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I thought you might be interested. I don't know if it is a good job or a bad job, but I've learned a pile and I'm willing to share.  BTW, Sam Devlin has been great in providing help when I needed it.


One good thing about Crawdad operationally is that it can be made to almost any length, keeping the bottom at 4' in order to conserve plywood. It can be a quick and cheap affair, with character.

Mark Albanese


You can see the Strike 15 Trimaran unfolding here.

Richard Woods

Hope is for a kit of aluminium extrusions that you can put together.

Michael Storer

More on the foiling Laser.

Michael Storer

Wow! I did not realize it has become a small industry.


Where the...

John Kohnen

Columbia 150: I had over 100 pictures, sorry I had to break it up into 5 pages. It was really a hoot - I hope more of you come in 2015.

Andrew Linn

The skinny catamaran made from hulls we are building by splitting Whimsy down the middle from bow to stern is finished. Check out:


Something like in the video would be cool for a boat trailer. Wouldn't need a very steep ramp at all.


Video of people in hobbies visiting the channel islands:


Check this out.

Here is a starting point.


Here is a more traditional Coracle building guide.


Not a lot about other boats, but the Boathouse sure got a lot of people 
on the water.

Andrew Linn

Tom Speer has a lot of information and to say about this subject.


Tin Canoes

They're coming.

John Colley

A good day may be difficult. But difficult is very different from no day at all.


The Simply Sailing Online blog ( chronicles an experienced cruising couple (Connie and Dave McBride) who recently acquired a Bolger AS 29 sharpie. It's well written and combines travelogue, tech tips, boat projects, dealing with the special characteristics of a flat bottomed boat and more. Interestingly, the previous owners of their boat, Walkure, also maintained a blog. Must be something in the epoxy fumes. . . .


Here is link to Mark´s video of Ooze Gooze capsize test:

Thanks Perttu

How they made a "made mast".


I think the epic music with the little tug makes it very funny. It's a beautiful little tug.

Paul Cook

Auklet has as started her own blog at

Dave Z

Micro shanty boat.


Royal Australia Navy 100 years - International Fleet Review - October 2013.


John "Chris" Balch
Balch Boats

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