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by Dave Lucas – Bradenton, Florida – USA

Unusual Stuff

You may be shocked at some of this stuff, oh I forgot, nothing I show shocks you. I'll start with our new "Possum" machine that we're storing at no cost for Phil, we're nice guys like that. It's truck bed isn't back on yet but this thing is awesome. It's hard getting Steve off of it. It's about as wide as it is long. Given the chance, boys will be boys. Some of us more than others.... here's a video that Craze Steve took of me when I wasn't looking when I got it stuck; hell, someone had to try it our didn't they?

And Bob continues to send me pictures of snow boats, I still think something is wrong with you guys. You notice what Steve and I are dressed in, in the above pictures.

I was out racing Steve yesterday, any excuse to go out in the boats. Kayak Kathy took this one and it's so good I put on my desktop.

Crystal River has finished their giant scow and are almost finished with the little tug boat for it.

This picture sucks but it shows the giant jib we made for Red's little 8 foot boat. It makes a huge difference in the performance. I love seeing world class sailors out in our bay trying to get little boats going. Red had a charter boat in the islands for ten years and with him was Janine who's done it all; raced around the world, delivered big Swan's and all kinds of other stuff. They're like the rest of the Tiki Hut guys when around here, back to basics, real real basics and drinking adult beverages.

Texas Jim wasn't always a rich and successful retired man. This is how he started his boating experience. I never owned one of these things and never wanted to. I had a friend who had one and he always scared the hell out of me, I just couldn't get use to the front wheels being behind the seats so I always thought we were going to die.

The old water cooled muffler finally gave up the ghost so Steve had a new one made, really fancy stainless steel. This dam Briggs just keeps going, notice the lack of rust and it still always starts instantly.

Kathy took this one of the Hut at night, really surprised since she was half in the bag at the time. I don't mean to imply that there's a lot of booze consumed here, just some time.

You saw our old red Possum machine we got from Phil, here's one he made for UF, those Gator alumni are fanatics. Too bad Florida State kicked their ass this year.

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