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by Dave Lucas – Bradenton, Florida – USA

Flu, Doggys, and More Ice

I have been out of commission for a while cause I kept putting off getting a flu shot and now don't need one, just got the flu instead. I would recommend the shot.

Here's a video of of Paul's tug boat and barge under way. As you watch this remember that the tug alone is over three feet long.

More snuggle dogs, these belong to Annie from San Diego.

Last Sunday we were out for a short boat ride; me, Helen, Crazy Steve and the dogs when Helen spoke up with the sentence all men love to hear...."I think it's a good day to go on down to Tarpon Point for a beer." It's about a six mile trip but there was no hesitation from us. I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Bob Hall's electric boat, a beauty and it's for sale. We've tried going electric power and decided we'd rather know how much gas we have left.

Bob Halls Electric Motorboat.

The tide was really low so you can see my bottom.

It's hard to go boating when there's no water. The floating dock isn't. Steve can't even come over with tides like this.

The bottom paint is holding up.

It's warm enough for Jim to do some glassing.

This is not lake Michigan or the north pole, Meredith claims that this is the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland doesn't get ice this thick does it? And I didn't think salt water froze unless it's sub zero.

We named our new truck thing Possum and here's Howard pulling the motor. We never get brand new stuff given to us. Good thing we have a master mechanic on staff.

Irwin Schuster and his kids went for a sail on the big privateer "Lynx" last week. When I get over the flu Helen and I are going. It's out of St Pete, Fl.

I know a guy who had a Penobscot 14 but wanted a bigger, faster boat and I know a guy with a Penobscot 17 who wanted a smaller easier boat. It was a match made in heaven and a trade was made. Bob Pitt made this 17 and it's a beautiful build job. Doug's painting it back to more traditional colors.

I've sent pictures of Tony's fantastic boats before, for a change here's something else he builds. He lives in Montana and probably can't fly fish in the winter. He may stop by here at the shop in a few weeks, we'll show him how it's really done. This is where where Berry Long learned all his skills.

Stan and I were out for a little beer cruise when we came across Steve and his dogs doing the same thing in Chelsea. It's hard to keep boat guys off the river. Nice guys that we are, we threw him a line and took um all on board. The dogs love it up in the forward berth. Helen keep saying that she's going to go on board and clean things up but as soon as she's there she wants to go for a ride.

Lenna was coming home down the beach and saw this tug getting an engine change right off the seawall at Longboat Pass. I never thought of pulling it out the smoke stack.


And here's another motor pull. Washington Dan has about the same vintage equipment we do and owns the same engine hoist we have. Here he is the day before on the same tractor and his snuggle puppy.

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