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by Dan Rogers - Diamond Lake, Washington - USA

Wouldn't ya' just know it? Our snow is down to about ankle deep. We've been without rain - other than freezing fog -for the past couple weeks. It's the last week of January. And, Roughneck is just about ready to drag out of the shop and hoist back onto a trailer and go do a float test. Roads have been bare, and the launch ramp I used to test Shenanigan at just about this time last year is quite ice-free.

Other than the 100% chance of snow predicted for tonight, and in diminishing percentages for the foreseeable future, that is. Winter's back. Dunno if this means that Roughneck will stay in the shop for additional amenities. At any event, we're about 3 man days from "done" with the initial goal.


Then, yesterday, paint can lids started popping like champagne corks on New Years. First everything had to be primed.

And, then finally, things started getting a bit more festive.

Probably tomorrow, the deck will get a second coat. This time, with nonskid added. I have the hinges to hang up the three-gang "gull wing" arched-top side window banks and the forward hatch. I have an extruded aluminum rub rail to hang, once the hull gets a protective film to resemble the coach roof top. Good old Rustoleum Regal Red, to be specific. The motors, batteries, fuel tanks, controls, etc., are all in standby.

Admittedly, I've given the notion of "work boat fit and finish" a bad name. A dirty job, but one in need of accomplishment, nonetheless.

I even think I know how I'm going to get this exceedingly tall girl to leap into the air and resume her position on the trailer.


Or, if winter is really back for a while; then maybe there will sprout a small galley cabinet and associated eating/reading table as swell as wooden trim for this and that spot around the pilot house.

Either way, an abundance of bull headedness and Motrin have prevailed over logic, and a pain-free lifestyle. This little girl is looking like she'll be out on the dance floor real soon.

Coming on the heels of a tractor overhaul marathon, and a winter-shop-cleaning marathon; getting back into the swing of things in the boat building department has been a bit iffy this week. Since, there's just nothing else that works as well as simply going to work; I finally gathered up a few refugee scraps - that didn't go off as either fire wood or in a dump run. The remains of our dining room table from Fiddler's Green, were still stacked in a corner, awaiting some sort of meaningful occupation. I think I already used the legs to make a table for the cottage. Anyhow, Roughneck now has a lift-lid chart table/reading desk/one-place dining table. And, there's a two compartment and one small drawer cabinet that should suffice for galley space. The swing stove will hang just forward. And the "sink: will be a dish tub. Not terribly elegant. But then, the boat's name IS Roughneck.

I guess I'm back in the game. And, I think the snow will be melting pretty soon. So it's getting to be time for a sea trial. Real soon.

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