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by Bernd Kohler - The Netherlands

I was wondering what my customers are building right now so I was looking through my files. The variety is big and it is almost a journey around the world. Lets start down under.

In New Zealand there are two boats almost ready. Lets start with a small one -The DUO 480 C "Jigsaw".

This is the progress from about 6 weeks ago. The builder hopes to have the boat in the water soon.

Next is a KD 650, also under construction in New Zealand.

In a letter the builder commented "I often find myself staring at it amazed I have built it".

And another KD 650 under construction Germany.

He's a lot furthe on with it nowr, but I like the photo.

Another in Argentina.

The boat is now ready, but the owner has not much time and has to travel a lot for his work.

Here an ECO 6 in Greece.

An ECO 7.5 in Thailand.

DUO 800 under construction in the Philippines.

Same DUO 800 sailing.

Not much building is going on with the DUO 900 (as far as I know). This one is under construction in France.

The picture is misleading. The boat will be 4.5 m wide when the beams and trampoline are fitted.

A lot of KD 860 are under construction. Here a small selection. Here's one in Brazil.

Another one in India.

and in Australia,

and one in Finland.

The interior is already finished.

[Does not enlarge]

There are more, but I stop here before it gets boring. Here's a DUO 105 under construction in the U. K.

The first hull of a DUO 1000 is ready to turn right side up. This is in the Netherlands. The customer is now busy to making the rudders, rudder housing etc.

And here a photo from a KD 122 "Voyager" under construction in Maryland.

and an ECOnomy cruiser power cat under construction in Alaska.

Final my own.

A little trimaran for myself. Apart from some small things she is ready to sail.

This is a small collection from the boats I know. I am proud that is also a journey around the world. There are many more under construction or sailing. Not many report back. Only if there are questions. But there are not many questions.

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