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 Embers Watch Gets a Mizzen Mast

Embers Watch gets a mizzen mast, 2-1/4 x 12'6" laminated pine. Will taper down to 1-1/4 at the top. No fir available anymore:-(. Those clamps were first used in 1986 when I built my Bolger Micro. They work great! Keel glassing continues. From here forward will be Kevlar. Lots of resin!

My master woodworker friend Paul Kelley squaring and cutting the taper for the mizzen mast for Embers Watch. Finished Mast ready to coat.



Here are a few photos of my Rifleman with all the interior fitted out and epoxy treated. I have just turned the hull over and I am filling and scraping ready for painting. The brad gun with the composite brads you sent me worked a treat although it is a little tedious filling all those little holes. Using that machine is a little like eating peanuts, once you start it is hard to stop.


Gore, New Zealand

Ladybug Sailing in Lapland


My Part of the Universe

Sorry about sharing my part of the universe. Jarvis Bay, NSW, Australia.

Stewart Strik


My new build moved out from the car shelter to wait finishing in the Spring. I enlarged the measures of this model of 12' Dory to 16' but kept the sides 56 cm high.



New build! Always wanted to experiment with a sharpie style boat so came up with this 14 foot by 36" sharpie skiff. Stitched it together using PL premium, fibatape and Tightbond 3. Will be decked over on top. Last pictures show boat with 100% cotton canvas with thinned Tightbond 3 painted on. Canvas stretched nicely when wetted out and should shrink a bit when dry. Went with off centerboard for clean lines and worry free shall water exploring. Next step is keel strip and see then will flip over and install deck.



Well folks I have started to build a TEN. Sven Yrvind has been a huge inspiration and I am so fascinated by the whole concept that it is just one of those things that I simply have to do more here:


Hobie Adventure Islands

Video of taking a couple Hobie Adventure Islands through the Topock Gorge and then 20 miles south to Lake Havasu.



Thought you guys would like this, John Welsford Pilgrim "Eliza Jane".


Out Sailing

I've been enjoying Sean Mulligan's tribulations on the Texas 200. He seems a changed man when it comes to the Ducks and their "worthiness" as a sail boat. You know I'm already a fan of pram or scow (square) boats! I also enjoyed participating in this years Sail Oklahoma and Port Aransas, 1st Annual "ply wooden" Boat Festival. One of the many highlights was the opportunity to sail a Duck. I was supposed to sail circles to scoop up marshmallows in a competition but found myself on a tack that was addictive, before I realized what I was doing I was on the other side of the Lake without a paddle! During moments like this I thank my "dyslectic" nature that had me fail a couple grades of school because I think I was captured by the same revelation as Sean! Wow, these things sail!

As you know the wind was not gentle for this years Sail Oklahoma, in fact it was so severe I spent one night camped on the water in near Hurricane winds negotiating with my wife, Dianne, because of the rough conditions. The negotiations went like this..... OK, tomorrow we'll get a hotel!... OK, the next night too!.... OK the boat will go on the trailer tomorrow! It's plain to me and maybe everyone else that I am so wiped but true to my word our DIANNE'S ROSE sat on her trailer for the remainder of the event. Divine events happen and this was why I stepped aboard the Duck. If my boat was in the water, I would have missed the chance! Well I'll tell you that today, Nov. 5th, I was out sailing again. Not a big deal for most but if you know we are well north and the forecast is for snow this weekend, sailing is not on ANYONE'S list of things to do!!! Well, I needed a few photos of my new design, which has some similar traits as the Duck. This Dingy Rows. Sails, and Motors well! Today we sailed and rowed her in waters that froze my feet (did not feel them!). I was not out long in the strong, gusty winds as I longed for the 84 degree waters in the Texas 200, when I decided a self rescue was equal to my demise!!! No other boats, water that was paralyzingly cold, and no survival suit! The boat did handle well, as I suspected it would, from experience during a chance sail that Duck At Sail Oklahoma. Small, unexpected moments become big learning opportunities in our lives. Sean clearly will never underestimate the simple boats he's witnessed and I look forward to his future posts! I too learned loads! Here are some photos of my sail and a couple rowing shots. Plans and kits are in the works and will be available in the new year. Visit for more.


Michalak Mayfly 16

Cold weather is setting in. Progress on my Michalak Mayfly 16 has slowed. Boat building in an unheated, uninsulated garage without electricity in winter time in Nebraska will be difficult. I'm still hoping for a 2015 spring splash though. A future tx200 sometime after that.


Another OZ Goose

From Mk1 Oz Goose and now a second one for the family. The Henehan's are at it again!

MIK Storer

Cold Building

Here's some advice for would-be Nebraskans.

If you really enjoy any form of boating other than paddling, don't live in Nebraska.

If you're stuck living in Nebraska and like building non-trivial projects in your unheated, un-insulated garage, finish them before November.

If you're still in Nebraska and it's after October with an unfinished project in your garage, get one of these radiant/forced air heaters. It's not one of those noisy kerosene "bullet" turbine heaters. This device burns kerosene or diesel fuel and is 100% efficient - no fumes and no soot - and at 60k btu keeps my drafty 2-car garage toasty warm for 7 hours on 2.5 gals of fuel.


My Latest Project, Skinned and Ready for Coating

Back to basics with a comfortable, but low volume, Greenland style sea kayak for lighter weight paddlers.

Dave Gentry


Here in the south you can smell the Summer comes softly. Working to repair and tune my Mojiiito.



The TEN is finally starting to look like a boat!


What Happens When Stitch-and-glue Boats Get Old?

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