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Stainless Steel Screws

Why stainless steel? 30 years later, that's why.


Casting Aluminium

Many may know of this, but I did not. I can think of many possible boat applications for this process. See more in the video.



The simple Oz Rudderbox built by Ian Henehan. Don't forget the one bolt through the tiller and spacer block or it will last 10 minutes. Put the bolt in and it will last a lifetime.

MIK Storer

Confirmed a Great Read

The Council for Wisconsin Writers named Tom's Jagular book the runner-up for their Blei/Derleth Nonfiction Book Award for 2014. The person who won was the writing professor who got him started writing in the first place. Good job Tom.

Mike John

Pesky Gudgeons

Have you ever put a rudder together with all the hardware, then taken it apart to paint it, but were shocked when you put it all back together with the new paint and the rudder would not go into it's gudgeons? Here are a couple of tips to help.

When you attach the gudgeons, put the bolts in loosely at first. Next, find a rod the same diameter as your pintle pins and run it through both gudgeons. Now tighten the bolts going from one side to the other then back.
Next loosely attach the pintles to the rudder head. Then place the pintles into the corresponding gudgeons. No you can tighten the bolts - the rudder should turn easily now and you should be able to remove it without any binding.

Sail Basics

A nice reminder on some sail set up basics. It only covers one type of sail design ... as it is considering the standard laser sail. That sail has the luff round matching mast curve and all sail depth is created by the broadseams (making the more or less horizontal seams in the sail curved to induce shape. Read more...

MIK Storer

Spilt Glue

Handy shop tip - A half gallon jug of hardener flipped of a shelf in the barn dumping half it's content in an oozing mass on the floor. Dumped a few lbs of cat litter on it and let it sit for three days. Swept it up. All gone. As the litter was scented the place smells better, if you like that aroma.


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