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Adjustable Saw Horses

A good sawhorse is something essential in a workshop, especially if you work with wood and you often need to take outside some board or piece to cut and sand.

And if you need a temporary table in the garden for barbecue and parties, these two stacking and adjustable sawhorses are the perfect support.

From Instructables.

How To Make a Solid Head Mallet

A solid head mallet features a block head and a chiseled out hole in the center with a handle wedged in. This design is extremely strong and durable, and these maker-mallets are so useful.

From Instructables.

Mike John

Box Joint Jig Attachment to Sled

This is clever enough that even I could do it! - Instructable.


How to Apply Epoxy

Here's how I apply epoxy resin to seal marine ply.


Plastic Welding

Here is what I made. It's from 1/4" HDPE plastic. That's the same stuff they make that plastic decking from. $6 for some scrap at regal plastic in San Antonio.

Used a Jig saw and plastic welder.

@ 1-1/2 hours to complete mainly because I have never welded any plastic other than fixing small holes in my kayaks - piece of cake. Same cutting time and principals as wood just no glue curing time or painting involved.



As I wait for epoxy to dry, here is my solution for using Concept2 sculling oarlocks on my GIS. The trick was to adapt the rigger pins to a standard 1/2 inch oarlock socket, then to mount the sockets so the pins are vertical, as that is how these oarlocks are designed to be mounted. I found that 10mm stainless rivnuts are the trick, as their OD fits perfectly in the socket. The top rivnut threads in place on the pin, and I'll probably epoxy the lower one in the bottom of the socket. The pictures show how everything goes together. One may ask "why?". Just for the fun of it I suppose, and I used to scull, so I like these oarlocks. Regardless, this is a "how" that can be adapted to pretty much any wooden boat.



Here is a good pictorial on making coopered spars.


I Wonder?

Popular Mechanics, Feb 1905.

Mike John

Traditional Maritime Skills

How many of y'all are aware of this site. I found it to be incredibly interesting and helpful.


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