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by Dan Rogers - Diamond Lake, Washington - USA

All the girls got to dance. And, now the party's just about over. Just about.

Nights are colder. The sun doesn't come up nearly so early. Fall is in the air. Time to pick the "winter project." Time to plan for motor repairs and trailer fixes for when spring comes again. Time to move the fleet back under a roof. Time to pause, just a moment. Time to remember all the grand adventures and great fun.

Lady Bug got to go to Sucia in July.

Where I practiced the fine art of sitting still, and doing ab-so-luetely NOTHING.

Shenanigan and Limerick shared a trailer for the ride to the Toledo, Oregon Wooden Boat Festival.

The boats had fun.

And, so did we.

Lady Bug went to Priest Lake several times.

Roughneck did a few sea trials at a couple of the local lakes. She still needs work, but shows real promise.

Lady Bug and Punkin' Seed went on the Movable Messabout in September.

And, so did Old Salt.

The girls had fun. And, so did the skipper.

But, now the party's over for another year.

Roughneck came home from storage, got lifted off her trailer and rolled back into the shop. She's gonna' get a tug boat fantail, and a "nose job" and probably the rest of her interior while the snow flies.

And yet unrestored Summer of '63 got bumped from the punch list. Again. Still the wall flower. Cinderella, one day yet. Perhaps. But the only girl that didn't get to dance. Not yet, anyway.

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