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Naviculus Morbid

As we sit, alone and silent,
I have a small confession. 

There have been others. 

You do answer my needs,
We make a comfortable match. 

I have known fear, and excitement. 

You do seem to trust me,
And I have confidence in you. 

My memories are crowded with sirens past. 

You do glow in the amber sunset,
And your tiller was made for my hand alone. 

Tomorrow, then?  Just you.  And, just me.

--Dan Rogers--

A few festivals that might be of interest

Madisonville, La. Wooden Boat Festival, Oct. 10 and 11, 2015 

Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show, Downtown Franklin, La. April 17-19

I have been to both Boat festivals and have enjoyed them.

Ken A

Something to learn this for next time we go a boat'n, mates

suggested by Steve Lansdowne

what bottom paint?

Hi Mike:

I'd like to know the bottom paint Dave Lucas used that was so successful.  There are so many choices of paint I haven't been able to find the cheapest Pettit that is copper colored.

He mentioned it was very good and I'd like to repaint our old Chris Craft with it.

Larry Bishop

Dave replies:

Hi Larry, Mike forwarded your e- mail to me. I've never had much success with bottom paint here in Florida so I thought I'd give this new water based stuff Pettit a try. They offer three different levels and I chose the lowest at about $200 a gal. It's still copper based and still weights a ton but it's very thin and they say to roll it on thin. You know that the usual stuff recommends putting it on thick and recoating thick. This stuff goes on really easy, it's as thin as water. My boa was in the water for about five months and had NO sign of barnacles of any kind. Give it a try and let me know who it works for you.


About that Newsletter

Always a treat to see the newsletter in my mail box.

Keep up the good work !



Go Shrek!

Chuck, thought I would share this with you. would be a great article for Duckworks!

Found this one the “small trimaran” website:

Fred Johnson

Manie's 10

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the support from Duckworks Magazine on this TEN project. One of the guys that write on Sailing Anarchy called my boat a "Duckworks" type of boat. I take this as a huge compliment and an honour. I have been a reader of Duckworks for many years and I have always found inspiration and motivation between it's pages.

The TEN is my sixth boat that I am building and this is a massive project. Time will tell but we are very enthusiastic about the Satosa race. Previously my "chigger" was featured on Duckworks and I also include a picture of the fifth boat that I built namely "Fargo" Folks that are interested can read more here:

Manie Botha
Pretoria, South Africa

Epilogue for a Tahiti Ketch


Here is an epilogue for a Tahiti Ketch

Here are some deconstruction photos (password to Dropbox required)

Thought you might be interested.


Jackie's AF3 Progress

Hi Chuck,
I told you I would send something in on Jackie's AF3 "Bottoms Up" I am building for her. I wish I had more to show but this is all I have so far.  with this cold weather I have been slowed in doing all the epoxy pre coating.

I learned a lot about boat building from Mike, and I am trying to stay as close to his techniques as possible. they are slower and more detailed than my usual way of doing things but his results were always top notch.

things should speed up quite a bit once assembly starts, hopefully by this weekend. see you later.   


If you throw enough noodles against the wall, some will stick, some will fall


Times that I knew,
Nobody cared. 

Times somebody cared,
I really didn’t know. 

Question is always the same,
Just the answer that changes. 

Why do you do it?  What’s it good for? 

A stack of plywood,
And a few sheets of plans. 

Someone else’s dreamboat,
Gasping its last on your floor. 

Curling paint, and punky frames,
Or new brightwork and burnished trim. 

Maybe I do know, and it’s me that just doesn’t care.  Dunno.

--Dan Rogers--

A Project

I think I have a project that your readers would enjoy.

Here is a blurb;

Sabe is going on an one-man expedition to create art and draw awareness to the fragility our natural surroundings. He is traveling to the U.S. National sea shore in the Gulf of Mexico. And has started a Kickstarter to fund the camera and sound equipment to document his trip.

For more information and to donate please visit:

$5 gets you a piece of art.
$25 gets you the movie.


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