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BB Crowninshield

Dear Chuck,

Am writing after seeing your article on BB Crowninshield's knockabouts to mention that I have inherited a LARCHMONT YC TROPHY from 1907, won by Crowninshield's most famous racing yacht, Jolly Roger.

Trophy is cobalt decanter with sterling overlay.

Top of decanter stopper reads: "Larchmont Yacht Club, organized in 1880, incorporated in 1887" with etching of LYC clubhouse

Front of decanter stopper reads: "Larchmont Yacht Club, 2nd Handicap Class, 1st Prize, September 2, 1907, won by "Jolly Roger"

Brief facts & pictures may be seen HERE, though my phone number on that page is out-of-date. My new cel is 949.878.0290.

I am in Newport Beach, CA & would love to see trophy wind up in the hands of someone who appreciates Crowninshield. Would like to ask whether you may have any advice, suggestions, etc.

Thanks very much for your time & consideration.


Norman L Beberman

Marine Railway

Chuck ~

We had great response to this "end-of-season" video we released last week, and I thought it might be a good "off-the-grid" video for you to send to Duckwork's tribe/list.

Here it is for you to check out, and be sure to scan the comments from members at the bottom of the page:

Let me know what you think.

Warm regards,
Steve Stone


Hi Chuck,

Here are some videos of my new wingsail Schooner, "Nomad".

Skip Johnson

Port Townsend

About ten years ago I drove our motorhome up there from San Diego. Just me and my Australian Shepherd Shiloh and several cases of books. I had reserved a booth so I could sign and sell books. The first day a storm went through and flattened my booth. The second day (Saturday) I sold some books and met some others who were staying in the RV park on site near my rig. In the evening my friend Marsha,who had flown up to help me, and new friends from the show, sat around my RV drinking and playing Boggle. I lost money on the booth but had the time of my life on the whole trip. I abandoned the booth on Sunday and saw the show. I had brought my paddleski along and was able to get on the water both inside and outside the show basin. 

click to enlarge

Here’s a painting I did from the 1997 show.

Annie Holmes


Well I did it again. Squeaked by with only a few paint rubs and a dirtier sail, pilings, ugh! A smarter sailer would have stayed at dock, but you know, the wind; it was blowing. I'd been looking forward to this for quite some time.

It was blowing 20, gusting to 25. Not a Problem, in a Paradox. Leaving Cove Harbor with the wind right down the chute made for some interesting tacks. Using an oar to push off a shrimper, then a sailboat, should have sent me a warning. I think the wind increases in restricted areas. Got a few waves from a couple of dockside workers, then I saw four, then five, what were they expecting?

Missed a tack, that's why I now have dirty smudges on a new sail, penned against the dock by this nice breeze, out I go to muscle off, scramble back abroad, I clear the remaining barge.

Having been this way before, I know what lies ahead with this wind direction and velocity. Got to the first pier, another tack, she don't wanna come about. Drop sail, come about, with concrete blocks a short 30 yards away on the lee shore. Raising sail I notice the main sheet wrapped around the boom, not good.

But I got enough sail up I'm making a bit of progress. I think I can do this. Across the channel onto the shoals, I drop anchor just as the rain comes down. Furl the sail, pull back the canvas top and enjoy the downpour.

Everything's cool now, rain lets up, and as I'm untangling the mess around the boom, a oil rig service boat come by offering assistance, nice of him, but I wave him on, giving him a thumbs up.

Three misses, I decided to forgo the Aransas Bay sail, went back up the Intercoastal, anchored and took a nap.

Nice sail, actually.

.........michael j beebe

Whaler Report

Hey Chuck

Sailing season almost over. building this for the first grandchild.

Also, here is a video of the Whaler in action. It may not be apparent to you but when my helmsman is calling for the harpoon, jet skis were coming within range. I had to delete that part of the video: too gruesome;)


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