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by Jim Graves - Michigan - USA

Sept 1, 2015. Protage Lk. Skipper Jim, Photographer Randall. Wind from ESE at approx .5 to 2 mph, with rare increase to 3.

1. Rudder blade too low, even when swiveled up and back. Transom must be manually carried to correct depth water. Solution: continue as is, but maintain caution in launch.
2. Rudder swivels up either to forward or aft, while craft making way. Loss of steering efficiency and forward speed is result. Solution: apply wing nut to make blade tension adjustable while afloat, or add lines from blade to deck, allowing blade infinite adjustment and securing while afloat.
3. Approximately 1" sail leech flapped. Solution: trim 1" from leech to form an inside curve.
4. Craft attempts to go to weather in very light air. Solution: A. Fix existing rudder swivel problem, allowing more speed; B. Experiment with moving lee boards aft, allowing bow to fall off some; C. Move l-boards forward, allowing more leverage in their function.
5. Boom flexes too much. Solution: r n r with thinwall aluminum tube same as mast.
6. Sail causing boom rise, spoiling sail shape. Solution: add boom vang.
7. Cockpit sole too flexible, tho barely. Solution: continue PVC space frame to the area.
8. Conventional port and starboard bench seat needed. Former planned single seat will not allow ballast change by skipper relocating seating position. Solution: plastic bench seats, removable. Benches can also provide floatation. Craft factors correct:
a. Sail seemed right size in the light wind. Maintaining good set possible by manually doing Vang function. Batten needs to be relocated to a bit lower on luff end.
b. Leeboards seemed to perform well at the craft's approx 1 mph headway.
c. Tiller functioned without fault. Length was adequate. No excessive play.
d. Hull did not heel much. Partly because of its hard chine. Photographer reported close to level hull trim while craft sailing.
e. Sitting position is close to correct fore and aft.

....End Trials Report....

But the boat needs slightly more development, so the pics show that, and are not of a competent vessel. Will keep at it. But, Hey, it floats!

On the road
Final assembly
She needs a bit of a push to tack in  light airs, with rudder floating, robbing momentum. Overall, trial showed close to acceptable performance.
The boom needs to be aluminum tube, clew needs better lashing, but course holding and way on in wind from sparrow flying across lake.
Carrier moved well and could be headed on a reach fine in the really light air. Craft showed promise of better performance with the improvements list checked complete, and some real wind. Not bad for a first time design! I could have confidently crossed the lake's mile, and returned on a downwind run.
It seemed it would do well in more air. It is similar, of course, to my poly kayak that I've added amas and sail to, only Noticeably shorter. This baby is Short!

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