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by Jim Graves - Michigan - USA

This is the Sears cartop Carrier. It looks like they name all their Carries X - Cargo, but I think this one might be their biggest: 66" LOA, 36" beam. It has a scow bow, and is 19" tall, so will have a Lot of freeboard. It will be quickly convert able to a kayak, and looks to be made of the same polyethylene. If we get these boats any shorter, somebody's going to have to start a "Stand - up" class.

Will be mounted upside down from this position. No metal fasteners, all West System.

I mean, after a, a guys gotta keep his properties straight. Extendable tubes are for speculating. See how many are available now. Seems they will have a place on our small boats. And thank you for honoring me, saying I'm one of You'nze.

Maybe the next one will receive a channeled hull, but all the height will give confidence, and maybe seaworthiness. And hinder windward ability a bit.
Board heads too long here, but better than too short.
Cutting Bronze or Brass Grommets to Length.
"Axel Trailer" "Spindles"
Rube Goldberg vice. For mounting grommets at high enough elevation to be cut to length using Dremel Tool. And they thought the .hull. was dangerous.
Because the plastic hull would flex, the leeboards have lots of support.
First Gluing of Rudder Blade Pine. All wood lightweight and bright pine, an overlooked and fine wood.
Rudder played out with a straight line, curved added. Barely missed handheld planing it to too small - to the center of the line!
Checking straightness along edge, while making it NACA 0012 close. Slooow operation.
Will be cut to length when that's decided on. This 2' L x 10" W.
Shoulda Used a Half Round.


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