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by Jim Graves – Michigan - USA

This is the Sears cartop carrier being transformed into a worthy sailboat. Seems Sears may label all their carriers "X-Cargo", but this may be their biggest: 66" LOA x 36" wide. The front will form a scow bow, and the carrier's height will make a lot of freeboard - about 16". The finished craft will be quickly convertible to a kayak, and is made of the same tough polyethylene. If we get these boats any shorter, somebody's going to have to start a stand-up class.

Marking grommets for cutting to length.

Rube Goldberg vice for mounting grommets high enough for cutting. Be sure to tell a loved one when you expect to begin using the vice, and when you expect to finish.

An indoor portable vice. Be sure to tell....

Make a model, of the rudder, first.

Pine rudder blade laid out using straight lines first, curved lines next. Almost missed when handheld power planing; to center of line!

Planning and laying out the 1/4" thick plates of the rudderhead. Blade will swivel up.

Finished rudder. Aluminum pintles with stainless steel bolt pins, cable clamp U bolts holding. PVC tiller.

By coincidence the rudder folds up small. But then, small is what this boat is all about.

Starboard side leeboard, setting on deck, showing foil shape.

PVC tubing provides lightweight strength and air chamber floatation. Structure at bow is mast step. Background shows deck and lee board mount/swivel plate.

Yes, this is my living room. After all, a man has to keep his priorities straight.

More refinements yet to be made, but this gives a close idea.

In a one mph wind, the carrier moves well on all points.

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