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 Painting Commenced

Started putting primer down. I stopped and took a picture at the the color break.

And the first coat of color. Thanks for all the suggestions on that folks.

From Facebook.


Three Up Next Time

This is too amazing not to share here guys. Look at that beautiful Dave Gentry boat.

"R2AK training today. Beautiful day on the water. I rowed my skin on frame Dave Gentry Whitehall while Scott Veirs rowed my lapstrake Wherry. Should I put three boats up there next time?"


SOF Melonseed

The skin-on-frame (SOF) Melonseed is complete - now I'm just waiting for some wind.

Dave Gentry

A Book That Might Interest You

Sandra said something “short and sweet would be perfect” so.
The San Marcos, A Rivers Story, by Jim Kimmel is a book about a short river in full detail.

Actually I really did enjoy the book. It is about the San Marcos River (which is relatively short) and covers the history of the river from its’ geological gestation to the present and beyond. The book is logically divided into narratives regarding different aspects of the river starting with the geological and physical aspects of the San Marcos River and then covering the history of the various people related to the river in logical groupings. Finally, Kimmel covers the current river from Aquarena Springs to the confluence at the Guadalupe River stopping at the towns and dams along the way to flesh out the story of the river. The one aspect of the river that I am most familiar with, The Texas Water Safari, rates a sidebar and I thought it captured the essence of the Safari in those few words.

The book closes with a look at the current state of the river and the many competing forces and interest that affect the river with an objectivity that I found refreshing. The appendices on Native and Nonnative (note: not Invasive) species in the Upper San Marcos River and the final Summary of Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan Measures are an indication of same.

Relatively short, 130 pages, plus appendices and references in an 8 ½” x 11” soft bound format, the book is well illustrated with photos and a few diagrams and very worthwhile reading for someone interested the story of the San Marcos River.

Milton “Skip” Johnson,

Architect Emeritus

Get it on Amazon.

Barnacle Bill Magazine

Barnacle Bill Magazine is about boats and the adventure of boats. It's for people who enjoy building and messing about in boats and it's for people who dream about building and messing around in small boats. We're crowd funded and the first 1000 digital subscribers become Patrons - it's $2 a month subscribe to the digital edition and you can do so by clicking the link below. We are being published by The Hexham Magazine Company, based in the town of Hexham in the Northumbrian Borderlands in the north of England and are that company's flagship publication. We are an hour's drive from the heart of Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons country, a couple of hours from the Firths of Forth and Clyde, two of the great river estuaries of Scotland and three hours from the Scottish Lochs. We are also 30 minutes from the ship building city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the windswept and rocky Northumbrian coast, idea for small boats and beach boats. At Patreon There are several levels of subscription you can choose from digital or print copy. The title is monthly and is professionally produced and printed. Issue 1, January 2016 will have about 34 pages and is due to be published in early December, we have some excellent content from some of the leading independent boat designers in the world as well as reports and reviews, history and expedition content.

January 2016 will include articles on the Storer OpenGoose/Oz Goose, John Welsford, Osbert Lancaster, Gavin Atkin, The legacy of Arthur Ransome, 15' clinker classic dinghies, round the Isle of Wight in sailing canoes, A visit to Overwater Boats in Cumbria, a retrospective of Henry 'Chippy' MacNish, Shackleton's shipwright on the Endurance expedition and much more. We are already at 36 pages for January and February and March are filling up! Throughout the year we'll be collaborating with Duckworks Magazine and Small Craft Advisor Magazine in the United States on some international projects and will be sponsoring at least one expedition/raid... circumnavigation of The Isle of Skye anyone?"

Richard Palmer

Editor Barnacle Bill Magazine "for people who build and enjoy small boats"

Oar Locks Risers

I got out and installed the aft seat and the rowing thwart as well. Also fitted the Oar Lock Risers which keep the loom of the oar from hitting the Inboard edges of the decks on the return stroke.



A quick model of the Naut420 to check the hull panels developability.

Plans on duckworks.

Jérôme Delaunay


Scott Henderson’s Flint underway.

Morning Tide 15

A Selway-Fisher Morning Tide 15 being built by Zeljko Loncar.


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