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My Little Gaffer

Here are some pics of my little gaffer. She was a rescue. Just dolled her up with a bunch of west system and Interlux Perfection. And build new walnut companionway and hatches. And fur decking in the cockpit. And teak and holly sole in the cabin. Ouch I must be nuts. The other pictures are some of the blocks and cam cleats I'm working on. Get all that plastic yucky stuff off of there. I'll send you more pics as the rigging/rerigging begins.

PS: Notice the ocean plait mat for non skid at the mast. It will look nicer in the Manilla (Manillo).



Just coz I thought it was so darn cool... It's a cat. It's a tri. It's superboat!

Frank Smoot

Fireball 16

Just a couple of pics of my new project, Fireball 16. Don't have a shed so trailer, driveway and back yard will be my project space... lol

Read more on facebook.


A New Door

Shallow minded gets a bow door.


Mini Mini Cruiser

Turning a dinghy 3, 80 into a mini mini cruiser.

From facebook.



Bigger Image on Facebook

Red day 1, green day 2, orange day 3, yellow day 4, blue day 5.

If anyone is interested in doing the smaller bastard cousin of the texas 200 sailing raids please join with the OBX130 Facebook page. The next OBX is next August starting Monday the 24th from Cedar Island North Carolina. This will be the fifth time this periodic event is held. PS this event has never been attempted in a PDR. The smallest boat to do the entire course was a Piccup Squared. what to make history?

The OBX 130 will be taking place next August 24-28, 2015. More to come but you are the first to hear it. Should be a good crowd and already heard from several people who are in. Route will be: Start Cedar Island Gun Club Cape Look Out Shackleford Island A "secret" Island I am not allowed to name end back at Cedar Island

Paul Moffitt

The Solduk Drifter

Just posted a new set of plans from Warren Messer. Build the model - it's free!


SCHRS System

Catamarans are using something called the SCHRS system to estimate performance. It seems to be accurate enough for much club mixed fleet racing.

It uses a small number of relatively simple measurements as inputs. There is an online calculator.

The interesting thing is it points out what items are strong speed producing (or its opposite) factors.

You might enjoy a play ... particularly those talking about Class Quindici to see what sort of multi might be the most effective choice.

"It is intended to be objective, transparent and inclusive, where possible, of catamarans that can be measured, and relieve event organisers from the burden of measuring boats. The closest approximation to perfection is most likely to be achieved over a normal range of weather conditions between similar boats. That is the goal which SCHRS, as an officially -recognised rating system of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) for beach catamarans, strives to achieve."

The Measurements.

MIK Storer

Belaying Pins

Its cold here. 4 degrees with -20 to -30 wind chills. I spent some time making belaying pins for my Mayfly 16 in my unheated garage. Just trying to get something accomplished despite the cold. 7 pins will fit in the mast partner.



Boat building is addictive. I can't test my PDR until the weather warms up, so I'm building another boat.

This is a design called the Mixer, by Jim Michalak. Its a 12 foot multichine sailing skiff, made with plywood, using the stitch and glue method. A good step up from my pdracer. So far it's just gone 3d, with sides and bulkheads, transom. Some stitching done, but bottom still to attach. No epoxy work yet.

This is 1/4 inch ply from the local home depot. There were two sheets of light stuff, then the rest of the pallet was darker cored and much heavier. The light stuff is now the bulkheads, bilges and decks. The heavy stuff is the bottom and sides. I made the rudder a while back, and the new recommended leeboard will have to come out of another sheet at a later date.

So far, I have made several rather large goofs. It won't be a showboat.


Turning our Caledonia Yawl


Mayfly 14

I recently joined and its my first time posting. Just wanted to share my progress with Mayfly 14 building. Read more...


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