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 Michalak Mixer 12

Progress on the Michalak Mixer 12. Since California has given up on winter and gone straight to early summer, I can get on four coats of paint easily in a day. Its starting to look more like a boat than a project, and the todo list is shrinking. 120 hours in so far. More pictures on Facebook.


Eastern Messabout 2015

Only six weeks until the 2015 Eastern Messabout held at Elk Neck State Park Maryland. It will be helpful if attendees would register on the Yahoo site in the Database section:

Steve Bosquette

Medway Sailing 2005

Canoe sailing and camping last week end. These guys were out in winds above 20 mph and sea and air temps below10 degrees Celsius.


Poly Naviculus (A Little Less) Morbididus

Downsizing?  Naw, just sharing the wealth.


She wasn't perfect, so I gave her away.

Just too short, and tippy, and small.
And kinda' over-tall.

Of course she was cute, and made people smile.
Folks everywhere, said it was true.

Not perfect. And now, she's gone.

Figured somebody else would love her,
Like I did at the start.

Great expectations, lots of plans;
Got the project going, and kept it alive.

Not the best one I've built. Maybe, almost?

He said that he'd love her. His wife did too.
His kids just couldn't wait.

So, I did it again. Free to another good home.
Two of "my" girls off on their own.

She's the best one they've got. So I gave her away.

Dan Rogers


More work on the Oozegooze 1. The new cabin roof is in, and skim coated with epoxy. I've also taken the remainder from the 3/4 inch plywood for the hatch insert reinforcement, and after cutting a few holes to lighten it, it is taking the place of the interior supports for the hatch. It'll get another layer of 1/4" meranti on top of what you see, and it should be bulletproof. I'm going stronger because of a glue failure on the original, and I know my 9 year old will try to stand on it some time. I'm also getting the holes drilled for the new hatches attachment hardware. These hatches seriously rock for the price - $20 each. Also, I'm adding a small shelf in the bow, in some unused space - a nice place to stash a book or a chart or anything really. It'll have a bungee net going across it that will hook into the roof.


Wee Lassie

My latest Wee Lassie canoe project, ready to be skinned. Finally, a sunny day. Due to the weather and my open air shop, this five days of work (part time) was spread over a two month period! Glad I can say I've finally finished up the frame of my latest project. She's a Wee Lassie solo canoe - 10'6" x 27" {3.2m x 68cm}. The frame weighs about 16lbs {7kg}. I should have her skinned in the next day or so.


Henry Rushton was an iconic American canoe builder in the late 1800's, and this is another of my SOF adaptations of one of his designs - the 16' {4.9m} IGO. Looks like they are doing a great job, and that it's just about ready to be skinned. Massachusetts class taught by the highly skilled Craig Addis.

Dave Gentry

Doug Hylan's Point Comfort 23

We've just begun our inaugural project in the new boat shop at Sebago Canoe Club. Doug Hylan's Point Comfort 23. This will become our new race committe-sail instruction-safety-general yard boat. I've begun a new blog post to document the build.



Some more photos of a really stunning 16ft rowing boat Bee. Slightly owner modified. Launching in a few weeks.…/…/Stitch-Glue-plywood-rowing-skiff

See more on the design here:…/1-beach-cats-and-dingh…/2-bee 

Buy plans from Duckworks.

Richard Woods

Oldshoe Cross

Some fresh artwork and boxy boat progress photos. This is intended as a cross between the Oldshoe that I built around 1991 and sailed far and wide, and the "Sailing Pirogue" Phil designed for me around 1996. Much lighter and easier to manage ashore than the Oldshoe, but stiffer and more able than the Sailing Pirogues. At the current glacial pace I fear a Cedar Key launch may be out of reach, but we'll see.


Spindrift 11

Master of "clampology", Steve Ladd, gluing up a new transom for my Spindrift 11 dinghy.

Big half of Spindrift 11N dinghy gets a final roll-on coat of epoxy (105/207). Next step (besides doing the front half), sand and spray on Interprotect 2000/2001.


Oz Goose

Andy Linn's modified Oz Goose going together at the Toledo Community Boathouse. He will use it for distance events like the Texas200 and local sailing for thrills when much more lightly loaded! See more on Andy's website.

Andy said: I am building a Goose that will go in the water on April 18, 2015. I have several photo essays up at:

MIK Storer

Cosine Wherry

I'm building the Cosine Wherry row boat from the Rip, Strip & Row book. I've been at it for about two years now. I milled all the strips myself. I'm at the fiberglassing stage. I'm waiting for the right temperature. I think I'll have to take that nice stem strip off and re fit it with the keel strip+ skeg after I'm finished the fiberglassing.


Stripper Canoe

We wet out a layer of glass on the stripper today. Got good contrast between radiata pine and red cedar.



This is Gavin Atkin's Cinderella canoe, lengthened to 14'4", a couple inches of rocker added, and built as a skin-on-frame with steam bent and waxed nylon lashed ribs. With the yoke position I think it may require some gear or two people to trim properly. More on Facebook.


Goat Island Skiff (GIS)

Louis' Goat Island Skiff in Queensland Australia.

MIK Storer

Texas 200 is Go

Making the final push to get to the Texas 200!


OZ Geese

Philippine Home Boatbuilders Yacht Club (PHBYC) has been building three Oz Geese in Manila. Hulls should be just about done today.

More photos on Facebook.

MIK Storer

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