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Cape Cutter 19

A new owner-built plywood Cape Cutter 19 was launched last month in Cape Town, built from plans by Nick Kulenkampff. See more info and photos on my blog.

Dudley Dix

Kayak Catamaran

This the catamaran that I built. Starts with two kayaks and ends with a catamaran. I built everything and made the sails.


Thorn, Dinghy for Dianne's Rose

I finally finished our Dinghy plans, THORN (needed a manly name as I so caved to Dianne building the Rose!). They look great and I'm working on an article for you as we speak. I'm excited to get involved with another member from the dwforum, Matt, to organize a "Proposed Ontario Canada Messabout / Camp Trip! After the First Annual Ply-Wood Boat Festival and Sail Oklahoma, I've been itching for some gathering closer to home. I hope to use my new dinghy, Thorn for the trip. Sleeping in a tent will take some getting used to after the comfort of the Rose but it will remind me of my canoeing past. This trip should better test the design as well. After sailing a Duck at Sail Oklahoma I can see that my boat has potential. I will add a spray skirt as well as plenty positive flotation. I think it will make for a secure little expedition boat although it is designed to be a versatile, easily built, car topper.


Ogeechee River Boat

Thanks for the interest in the boats. The boats have all but been forgotten with time. They dotted the rivers, creeks, swamps here in the south in the 30's to 70's and were unique in their construction, built from cypress, deep rocker, narrow stern wide bow. They handle like a kayak, but have the stability of a Jon boat. These boats paddle effortless upstream in small rivers and creek.

The boats were built by dozen of builders over the last 100 years, each builder had their own spin on the boat as I do. Most of the original boats were basic utilities boats with the exception of a few builders that built exceptional boats that are still around today. I tend to put more detail in mine as well tweak the rocker, bow, stern width and depth.

My Dad always wanted one of the boats so for his 70th birthday. I ran down enough pictures and measurements and started building them, my version continues to evolve as I build them from memory and a few notes.

You almost have to paddle one of the boats to understand how they were and how fast they are on the water...


Steamboat Re-Launching

Our 16ft 1895 Fantail steam boat Blue Duck and her 5'6 tender under steam at lake Rotoiti Nelson lakes. A re-launching after its 3 year part time restoration after 27 years as a garden ornament. The engine is new and the boat had been converted to a yacht. More photos on Facebook

Peter Murton


Hitting the water in Philippines Goose number 2 (which was the first of three to be launched at Lake Ta'al, Luzon). Photos were taken by Roy Espiritu and Joaquin Casals. Today I will take photos of THEM!!

MIK Storer

Rushton Wee Lassie

The new version of my Rushton Wee Lassie - finished.

Dave Gentry

Michalak IMB

Launched the Michalak IMB today. Gary Blankenship and I took her out at St Marks, FL. Great day. Took a lot of adjusting the rig to dial in the helm, because I deviated from the plans and moved the mast out of the cabin onto a tabernacle. Finally, after three resets we got it just right. The boat is surprisingly quick and points very well. A snappy tacker too! Heres a short video of Gary at the helm after I got the sail dialed in. Still a lot of finish work to do inside the cabin, but the hard parts done.

See more on Facebook.



One of the nice photos I overlooked from last weekend. The first Goose in the Philippines on its first sail. Super photo by one of the guys in Roy's boat. Roy, Joaquin or Rich.

No hiking straps, polytarp sail, broken tiller extension ... but the first Philippines Goose is still trucking on its first sail. Sail drifted a bit far forward too. We will have to add a Landreville type preventer that he has worked out for the lug sail.

Few bugs to iron out, but can see from the wake how lightly the 12ft boat sits on the water. We have the Open Goose Group on facebook for anyone interested in keeping tabs on what is happening.

MIK Storer

My Tender Behind

Dear Chuck,

I wanted to forward the email that I sent John Welsford, as you are part of my thank you. I recently took my 99% complete Tender Behind sailing. She was launched yesterday and sailed beautifully. I can't say enough about the design. It was absolutely stable, sailed well in light air, turned on a dime, and the plans were perfect for my first build. It was a pleasure to work with your company, as most of the hardware is from Duckworks. Everything worked perfectly, and arrived quickly after ordering. Attached are some pictures of the boat sailing on Juno Lake, in Southern Michigan. It's going to be a fun summer!


Dear John,

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Southern Michigan, and I had the pleasure of putting my Tender Behind "Lily" in the water for the first time. I'd say she's 99% done; and likely will be for a while. I have to tell you, in every way it was the most pleasurable experience I've had on the water. The boat was so incredibly stable, and with two adults hardly dipped into the water. I imagine this boat could carry quite the load as a cruiser's tender. She is incredibly responsive, and the tiller is light. When I was sailing down the channel and had very light winds, and was hardly making any way forward, she still turned on a dime. What an absolute beautiful design you have created. I am so thankful to you for this boat. It was a pleasure to build, the plans were great, and she made for a charmed evening under sail.

I've attached some pictures of the first sail. Anyone who dreams of building a boat, but doesn't do it because they were scared, my goodness are they missing out.

Ryan Towner

First DS15

First DS15 was launched today, built by an amateur in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

More on Facebook.

OR on my Blog.

Dudley Dix


Hi Richard,

We launched your Bee yesterday. It was a clam day with a light breeze. Your BEE is truly a delight to row and under sail it performed beyond all my expectations.

The oar/blade design is by John Murray from

Sail from Neil Pryde Sailmakers USA -

I stepped the mast around 1450mm from the stem, CE for the centre board is 700mm behind the mast.

The modifications to help you BEE perform with a 5.9sqm sail have worked wonderfully. As younger man I sailed a Paper Tiger competitively - modifications to you Bee design came from this blood line.

Thanks for designing such a well thought out functional craft, with such handsome lines - eyes light up when they first see the craft.

I'm going to enjoy rowing and sailing this leisure craft for many years to come.

Best wishes - thanks from one very happy customer in Australia.

More pics.


Richard Woods of Woods Designs 
sailing catamaran designers

Two Designs

I built the Toto and the Pepita in St. Thomas USVI and love it, none of the plastic kayakers can keep up and I can hold all my gear its truly a great design. I wanted to share some of the pics.

Phil Johnson

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