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I built a Duckskiff from construction grade plywood and low grade lumber, a first effort at stitch and glue construction. The bottom and sides were made by butt joining two sheets of plywood as per Dynamite Payson. The required "kit" was then cut from the 8 X16 plywood. I used a combination of plastic tie straps and duct tape to hold the boat together while spooning the epoxy 'butter" in the joints as required. The boat was covered with six ounce cloth inside and out, two layers on the bottom. Since the wood is lower grade and not that pretty, I painted it with "Brightsides" oil paint. She gets an early 1990's Two stroke Mercury 9.9 outboard I've had since new. She comes up on plane nicely and as expected pounds in the rough. I'll be using her on the Skeena River for Salmon fishing as I don't hunt.


Pathfinder ohboyohboy

Pathfinder ohboyohboy grinning shroud-to-shroud after her first outing with all sails flying, on Lake Monona, WI.


Kidyak Kayak and Lanui

It's been some time since I've splashed a boat, but here are a couple we put in the water recently. One is my daughter's Kidyak Kayak, designed by Dave Gentry and the other is also a design by Dave, his Lanui skin- on-frame stand up paddle board. My daughter's kayak was first tested out in the in-law's pool and then fully splashed with my SUP at the Stockton Lake Messabout, here in SW Missouri.


Blue Canoe

I took the Blue Canoe out under sail yesterday. The sail is cobbled together, but it was enough to go play around a bit. I'll make the designed sail soon, but a boat on the water is better than two in the garage.



Launch of a new Paradox. Took her out today on the first sail. Felt like an old friend.

Michael Beebe


It is my pleasure to announce that a new Jim Michalak Picara has been splashed on 7-8-15.

She is now at dock on the St Louis River Mn., Spirit Lake Marina, waiting for the small craft warning to run it's course so I can bend on main sail and get to doing what she was meant to do.

7-27-15 my wife Bev and I motored her down river and did a 28 mile tour of Duluth harbor Spirit Lake Marina Downtown to Wisconsin Entrance Home again.

Can't wait to sail her.



Eastport pram maiden voyage. Trillium Lake Mt. Hood, Oregon.


Core Sound 17

Just launched our Core Sound 17, it is a sweet boat.

David Jost

W17 Trimaran

The increasingly popular W17 trimaran has now exceeded 100 in plan sales and the fleet continues to grow world wide.  The first boat has already cruised over 800 nmls in the China Sea and in experienced hands, proving to be very capable.  This is a great looking all-plywood boat that not only performs well, but is dry, comfortable and versatile.  The boat has a bunch of unique features, not the least of which is a free wing mast design and a special ama design that, in practice, is proving to negate virtually all leeway!  

Detailed building Plans and Manual are reasonably priced and are available through my information-laden website, and Duckworks was often called on to supply fittings for this boat, including blocks, ropes, hatches, furling gear, cleats, eye straps and more. I really like Duckworks' blend of quality, price and service and I highly recommend asking them to quote.

Mike Waters

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