Common Sense Canoe
by Ken Abrahams 
I built this Willamette Canoe from Common Sense Boats. (I also bought plans for a canoe from Glen-L but they were not stitch and glue.)  It is all 1/4" Luan plywood, with varnish finish over epoxy. I carried it on top of my van to New Mexico for the grandkids. It first floated near Santa Fe at Cochiti Reservoir.

(Click to enlarge thumbnails)

Canoe01.jpg (53597 bytes) Canoe02.jpg (61639 bytes) Canoe04.jpg (56501 bytes)
Canoe05.jpg (59035 bytes) Canoe06.jpg (56770 bytes) Canoe08.jpg (53549 bytes)
Canoe09.jpg (53959 bytes) Canoe11.jpg (50191 bytes) Canoe14.jpg (52250 bytes)
Canoe17.jpg (64680 bytes) Canoe18.jpg (74899 bytes) Canoe19.jpg (77398 bytes)
Canoe20.jpg (74593 bytes) Canoe21.jpg (70691 bytes) Canoe23D.jpg (71620 bytes)
Canoe24.jpg (54809 bytes) Canoe27.jpg (26343 bytes) Canoe29.jpg (28046 bytes)


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