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#1 Access to woodworking information at   
The largest collection of organized do it yourself projects and information available on the Internet.


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An electronic publication for those who enjoy building, owning, refitting or reading about wooden boats for use under sail, power and oars.

Advanced Marine Transport 
Toll free: 866-831-0660
Phone: 732-831-0660 - Fax:732-831-0661


Alan "Maddog" MacBride

Alan has one of those websites that is a rare gem.  He is a renaissance man who can build all kinds of  wonderful things including boats, skyscrapers, jewelry, and great web pages as well.  Take a look.

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Visit and join the All Volunteer Yacht Club. An award winning boating site, offering fun online and an e-zine with nautical jokes, trivia and much more! Linkgifopt.gif (2748 bytes)

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boatdesign.jpg (3079 bytes)Boatbuilders and designers on the web, highlighting innovations in both small and large powerboat design, showcasing great boatbuilding projects by amateurs and professionals, and providing access to resources, materials, and inspirational sites. 

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Links to all things Boating - Take a look

BOWorld.gif (2457 bytes) Lots of boating links.  Take a look:
Brad.jpg (3571 bytes) Brad Clarke is a boatbuilder and webmaster of Brad's Boat Pages.  He is also a Jr. High School teacher in Beaumont Alberta who submitted a wonderful article to this magazine
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Classic Boatworks of Maine
Where we build, restore and repair classic wood boats.
Marshall and Jo Duhaime, Jr.

These fine folks will give you a free set of pram plans just for visiting their site!

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copperpoxy.gif (2911 bytes) The well known anti fouling paint
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Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories

Dave Gray

Dave Gray has a great website where you can buy polytarp sails, sail kits, or just the material itself.  He also has a wonderful tutorial with step by step instructions for building your own polytarp sail.

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didi103.jpg (11850 bytes) Dudley Dix Yacht Designs has boat plans for all sizes, from the 8ft Dixi Dinghy stitch & glue yacht tender to the Hout Bay 70 cruiser, of wood, plywood, fiberglass composite, steel and aluminum, of traditional to very modern styling, monohull or multihull, powerboat or sailboat and in round bilge, multi-chine or radius chine hull forms.

Franks boat building and polytarp sail making page
The German version        The Links page
Frank Ellinghaus describes building his plywood sailing/rowing dinghy in detail and with many pictures. He does also provide information about rigging his boat and fast sailmaking from cheap polytarp with carpet tape and boltropes.

Flying Tadpole Productions is Tim Fatchen's wonderful tribute to his Bolger Light Schooner.  Also featured are other Bolger boats. Img00006.gif (6389 bytes)
1Mlifting_small.jpg (2174 bytes) Gator Boats is a new site by Henry Corley.   His designs, however, are old.  These modern versions of traditional swamp boats, are not fancy, and they are not complicated, and they are not hard to build.   As a bonus, the plans are not expensive either.
gavin.jpg (2018 bytes) Gavin Atkin has a great web page with Free boat plan sources as well as other free boat related stuff.  Write to him at: and ask him about the boat design discussion group which he moderates on

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Jerry.jpg (14193 bytes) Jerry Estes at Common Sense Boats sells plans by Phil Bolger and others including my friend Dave Nichols. He also carries kits and supplies
piccup.jpg (24273 bytes) Jim Michalak is one of the best around. His designs are relatively easy to build, but are packed with performance. His web pages are informative, and archived.  All this and he practically gives the plans away.
nymph_small.jpg (2461 bytes) Joe McWilliams does an eclectic web page with lots of designs you won't see anywhere else.  Be sure to see his "Shanty Boat" page :
larry.jpg (2049 bytes) Larry Henry lives in Palm Bay Florida where he presides over an eclectic webpage with lots of links.  His "little harbor on the net" is a great resource for home boat builders and future home boat builders

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Sailing around Great Britain in a 14ft. open boat.

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kohnen.jpg (25804 bytes) What can I say?  John Kohnen does the "Mother of all Maritime Links" site which is the last word in links, and should be your first stop

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Eric Luna is compiling information about New Jersey maritime history for a book he is writing.  Try the Main Page, and don't miss his Steam Bending page. Good info - great illustrations, too.

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S Fishwick Small Boat Designs
1 St Marys Walk, St Albans, Herts GB-AL4 9PD
Simon Fishwick designs sailing canoes and small sailing multihulls for stitch and glue construction. 

launch_small.jpg (2330 bytes) Simplicity Boats is a put together by David Beede who has built Dave Carnell's $200 sailboat, and Herb McLeod's OSS.  He has also contributed a great article to this magazine.
Does a Fly Fishing, Drift Boat Fishing, Whitewater Kayaking, Canoeing or a Deer Hunting trip around the alpine lakes and rivers of New Zealand sound like your idea of a great time? Is a relaxed & personalised tour your style?
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Sound Speciality Coatings Corporation

Manufacturers of epoxy, paint, coatings and other products that are environmentally safe and compliant with the clean air, clean water and water pollution control acts.

unclejohn.jpg (1616 bytes) Uncle John's General Store Offers a "Canoe Style Boat Kit, The Classic Cajun Pirogue".  Claimed to the be the easiest boat to build ever. They also have an all around skiff kit.  Read: The Adventures of Mike

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panorama.jpg (5247 bytes)Vela Latina

Lateen Sails &
Traditional Navigation

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For restoration of traditional wood boats using modern materials, or for new boat commisions under 20', see Reed Hubbard at Wood Boat Revival


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