Das Box
by Michael Surface msurface@hotmail.com

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The Project Begins

I am a college professor at a technical college and have a two week break in the summer semester, this is the period I choose to build a Boldger Brick that I had decided to call Das Box. The first week of the break was taken up with various small jobs around the house including starting to clean out the garage, which in the typical American way is a three car garage that you can’t get one car into. During the second week of the summer break I hoped to get Das Box fully enclosed and ready for finishing and mast building.

First you clean out the garage.

Day one (Saturday July 1, 2000)

finish cleaning out the garage (found the wood I need for the chines)

buy the plywood and other materials

  • 2 sheet 4’x 8’ 11/32" BCX plywood
  • 1 sheet 4’x 8’ " BCX plywood
  • 1 lb 7/8" galvanized roofing nails
  • 1 lb 1 " galvanized roofing nails
  • 1 lb 1 " drywall screws
  • 16oz bottle of Titebond II glue
  • 1 quart of Marine Epoxy

cut out the chines from 1 x 8 lumber

Day two (Sunday July 2, 2000)

buy 10 2"spring clamps (you can never have enough clamps)

marked out and cutout side of boat and bow and stern knees

using parts already cut out mark and cutout second side and bow and stern knees

mark and cutout bow and stern transoms

fitted side chime logs to one side

Day three (Monday July 3, 2000) It Rained so had to get some other things done

bought third 4’x 8’ 11/32" BCX plywood to make longitudinal seat similar to Tortoise

marked out seat curve

Day four(Tuesday July 4, 2000

cutout seat parts

fitted side chime logs to second side

sanded chime logs and stem and stern transoms

Day five (Wednesday July 5, 2000) Help wife at our shop (she is helping with the boat)

put one warped chime log in traction

glued up stem transom

Day six (Thursday July 6, 2000)(It rained in the am)

bought 1 lb 1" galvanized roofing nails

glued up stern transom

more garage cleaning

Day seven (Friday July 7, 2000) Helped Wife at our shop

Bought oarlocks for boat

Sanded sides

Day eight (Saturday July 8, 2000) The second week of construction begins

Wife found jug of WeldWood cement in garage as the cleaning continues

glued up chines on both sides

put center plate in both front and rear transoms

Day nine (Sunday July 9, 2000)

beveled bow and stern transoms

epoxy sides to transoms

epoxy bottom(It’s a boat:) Now to finish it!

Day ten (Monday July 10, 2000) Back to work the break is over:(

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