Indiana Massabout
by Max Wawrzyniak 

Jim Michalak did not want to drive his old truck all the way over to Indiana (was apprently worried about it not making it back) so he rode with me, and took along a Toto canoe strapped to the roof rack on my truck. I brought the AF4

Jim took most of the photos, but with my camera. Not sure if that entitles me to any "credit" or not??

The messabout was held at Lake Monroe. We had a good time, but there were problems with noise in the campground . Those people who  camped there had to contend with a wedding reception held in a humongous tent on the grounds, and I was going to sleep in the boat right on the gravel beach where it is pulled-up in the photo below, but two truck-loads of fishermen shining their headlights on the boat and loudly joking about "waking up people in the sailboat" caused me to move out into the lake and find another anchorage. Kilburn Adams (who stayed in the cove most of the night) said these characters kept up the joking and noise making all night. To top it off, the state of Indiana wants 5 bucks per day just to drive into the park (camping and boat launch are extra.) 

The boat-builders, however, were very friendly, and exhibited a high degree of skill in their work. My AF4 looked pretty rough next to these boats. I will probably go again next year.

Mellonseed skiff

Shellback dinghy

My AF4 on the gravel beach

Catamaran designed by the builder, a gentleman from Germany temporarily working in the U.S. He just happened to come along, knowing nothing about the messabout.

I did not note down anyone's names, and although I remember a few, rather than risk insulting anyone by implying that they were less memorable than someone else, I won't mention any names. 


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