Uncle John's John Boat
by Ken Abrahams abrahams@structurex.net 

The Uncle John John boat. This one is 12'.  This is a simple boat to build. The kit contains front and aft transoms and two sets of seats, all cut out. All you do is add 1/4" plywood and some strips.  I also added a front seat with flotation. With an old Evinrude 3 hp weedless, it goes 5 mph. With an 8 hp that wasn't running good, on a plane at 15 mph. Will probably do 20 now.

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Jboat02.jpg (44833 bytes) Jboat04.jpg (49317 bytes) Jboat05.jpg (47011 bytes)
Jboat06.jpg (45285 bytes) Jboat09.jpg (42202 bytes) Jboat14.jpg (30348 bytes)
Jboat15.jpg (43740 bytes) Jboat18.jpg (43740 bytes) Jboat23.jpg (40336 bytes)
Jboat24.jpg (45197 bytes) jboatpainted1.jpg (61212 bytes) jboatvarnished2.jpg (76577 bytes)


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