a study of an adventure
by Don Elliott

This is a study of an adventure. It is based on a true story as told by Stephen Ladd in his book "Three years in a 12-foot boat", published by Seekers Press.  In this series, Don Elliott has done a remarkable job of analyzing the boat, its captain, and particulars of seamanship and design.  Of special interest are Don's wonderful illustrations.  We will present a new episode each week.   If you would like to buy this book, click the cover graphic at the left.

For those interested in reading more of Don's articles, and discussing these issues with him,  you can join his Smallboats forum - "Dedicated to the development of small boats which are rowed, paddled or sailed under 18 feet." 

Don has asked me to remove the capsize series and I have happily done so. Soon he will have the series available on CD. I will post a link here for those interested in purchasing the disk from Don.



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