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Mr Moon

by Guest Columnist John Bell

Mr. Moon

I just came in from putting the first spot of paint on Mr. Moon, my AF4. The whole time I was painting, I was thinking about how satisfying the job was. And how some parts of boatbuilding stir the soul more than others. Dipping a clean brush into the can the first time, spreading the color lovingly over the hull you've labored over for so long, and watching it erase the epoxy drips, the pencil marks, the filled holes that took so long to sand smooth, it just feels good. It feels like progress; it feels like the end of the road is in sight; it feels like accomplishment. It is just plain satisfying.

Other parts of boatbuilding give me that same feeling. There's the day you first put rule, pencil, and saw to wood. The day you get enough of the bits built to pull the hull into shape. And of course the day you carry her down to the water and push her off where she is floating on her own. You step aboard and this lovely creature that you created with your hands and heart and sweat comes alive for the first time, dancing, bobbing, surging, and laughing with the wind, waves, and water. That feels good, too.

I started to build boats because I wanted a boat. Now, almost three boats later I see there has got to be a bigger reason to build them: I build them because I'm addicted to that feeling.

What about you? And if you're still thinking about it, why not start? It's a thrill you won't get anywhere else.

Y'all play nice!

John Bell <><

and "Mr. Moon"


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