Mike's Two Sheet Skiff


by Guest Columnist Mike Goodwin

My Take on the SNAME Controversy

Reprinted from the Yahoo Boatdesign discussion group.

All I can say is , " DAMN LAWYERS " , none of this shit is needed .  Personal responsibility is the problem , they are trying to legislate against stupidity . I mean look at the whole thing over child seats , not a single baby boomer ever rode in a child seat and we all made it to middle age . So some knucklehead parent doesn't buckle up his/her kid and does a head on because they were talking to some other idiot on their cell phone , too bad . Natural selection , survival of the fittest , the world's too populated already .

I say let 'em ride motorcycles without a helmet .  If you are in an accident and are not wearing your seatbelt , no problem , we just wont RUSH you to the hospital cause you obviously want to die and the EMT's are just honoring your wish .

All any college degree is , is the ability to ingest , digest and regurgitate in a prescribed manner acceptable to the University .In most cases your haven't got to know shit or ever have an original thought , in fact that is frowned upon in many schools " stay inside the box ". That is why the American education system sucks , the teachers are, for the most part ,cookie cutters " just gimme back what I tell you , the way I tell you and you will pass ".

If you are dumb enough to buy, build or design a piece-o-shit , then that is your problem . So the next step would be to licence musicians , so they cant write or play bad music ( now I'll support that ) or how about bad restaurants , McDonalds would be out of business for sure and all the Waffle Houses along the Interstates ( no big loss ) .

The licencing that is needed , is boat operators . We moved our 40' C&C this weekend to it's new home and I could not believe some of the idiots out there ( sail and power , but mostly power , let's face it , handling a sailboat takes a little more finesse , it ain't just point and shoot ) I say " if you can't tie a bowline and figure eight a line properly on a cleat, you aren't allowed to leave the dock ( power or sail ) !

My rant du jour .


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