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Recently, an idea about a hard sided fold boat came to me, and I actually found a couple of examples on the net. I really was leaning towards designing and building a boat like this, but then something happened yesterday. I finally heard that inner voice that has been whispering ever so softly. In a flash I saw what I really wanted and at the same moment I understood something about boats and people we don't often speak about.

Why would anyone spend months and thousands of dollars building a butt ugly boat that was only half as good functionally as a production boat? THE DREAM! Even the best production boat is cold, uncaring, has no soul-just so much meat on a hook. On the other hand, the most pitiful homebuilt ever built was loaded with love, with charm, and character - everything dreams are made of! Who cares what the rig LOOKS like, the only important thing is what it FEELS like to the proud owner! Finally I understand some of why Phil Bolger's boats are so popular. They must FEEL right to the skipper's dream and that makes Phil's accomplishments even more impressive!

So, armed with a deeper understanding, I set about setting my dream to paper. Not crisp cold lines - but a quick sketch that captured the "feeling" I was seeking. In fact, I'm sure the drawings would be meaningless to anyone else. This is what I want it to do and this is how I want it to feel. My pencil flew across the paper and in ten minutes I had the dream captured! The image is so complete I have no doubt at all that I could order the materials and build it now without ever looking at the drawing again. Finally, I know, it doesn't matter at all what it looks like, as long as it feels right!


Bio: 24 years Air Force - retired Chief Master Sergeant, four degrees (technology, business, Master Human Relations). Currently work in audit quality assurance section for state of Arkansas. Married 22 years to Dalys from Panama.


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