From:  Mark Albanese 

My present boat is a 'Windsprint' double ended, flatty sailboat, sans the rig. I just hang the MinnKota over the gun'l and tuck the prop down under the stern. Steer w/ rudder. Greatly amusing for an afternoon.

With the sides held down to 24", this scales a Bolger "Square Boat" sailboat I've had the plans to for years. At 24', that's always been too big for me to park. But I love the shape.

For a look at the original see:

This 'Anathema' comes out of just six sheets of plywood, mostly straight cuts. All up with 3- 12v batteries should be near 400 pounds. It Just about gets away using the 1/2 hp motor I'm using now, for something short of hull speed.

The deep stern was originally intended to carry more ballast in a sharpie without being wider. It works here because it lets the batteries shift aft, clearing some camping space forward. Even with floatation in the ends, the boat looks pretty roomy for an electric canoe.

The stern is an experiment, hoped to work better than alternatives. A boat with a deep belly gently curved up to the transom from amidships puts the ballast in the middle of a shoal draft boat. Rolling just the last bit up from dead flat could work, but still is not as slick as the doublender to my eye. On these dimensions one could probably get away with the usual sort of powerboat stern without much suction; but there would be more.

Not shown, for somewhat rougher water I like one of Bolger's wedge shaped, box cutwaters on up front.


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