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Made a few alterations to the Charldonjes over the winter. This is the way I intended her to look before I launched but I became impatient and put her in the river early. (Like I'm the first one to ever do that...) Forgoing the red bottom was my son's idea and I have to agree, she looks better this way. The decks are 1/4 inch Luan, with about 7 or 8 coats of thinned varnish. The boat name and the medallion are transparency transfers. The decks were more of a way to gain experience in bending Luan in preparation for the next boat: A kayak with a true curved bottom using "darts" in the panels that will allow the Luan to take a true curve around stationary forms. Wish me luck. So far have only been out a couple of hours at the time. Looking forward to my first day-long, downriver trip in a couple of weeks. 

Herschel Finch 

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