Hello Chuck:

My name is Mario Giacummo, and I live in El Pinar in Uruguay (South America) I want to send you a photograph of the folding kayak that I made from the plans of Bryant Owens (I talk about the zip file :) ) in the article published by Jess E. Rathbun. I have to tell him that is a very comfortable and fun boat, with room enough to get a my little son (3 years) or my daughter (7 years) with me without any problem.

Now I am planing to build another one but a little bit longer, the one I did have only 10 foots and is short for me (as you can see...), but very well for my wife.

Thanks for the free plans. I do not like to buy plans by the net because I do not know what they would be, and I do not like to loose money ;-).

Best regards.

Mario Giacummo

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