September 00 and Feb 01...

launch spring...

it is a Tolman Hull (Homer AK)

22' x  5'1/2 Beam at Chine, 7 1/2' gunwale, 4 ft deep at the bow, 8 degree
deadrise at stern, 14 degree midship, increasing to a deep vee at the bow...

fibreglass and epoxy over marine plywood, on 6 inch Versalam stringers....

hull weight is only 1200 lbs

dory style hull, sides flare about 22 degrees avg...

no deck yet

90 HP Honda is going on it April 01

MUCH fun to build...

CPT David Nolan
CML (732) 427-2439
DSN 987-2439

July 25:

couple more - please add to the Nolan skiff project

I sent away to Renn for the addendum on building the windshield and hardtop

and I still have to put the ports in and paint - seat...

but I can FISH!!!!!

nolanboat.jpg (33799 bytes)

Tolman 10 Feb 01.jpg (33098 bytes)

from inside the cabin

from above

line.gif (878 bytes)


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