"Pilgrim" is my shoal-draft skiff cruiser, 18'6". Drawn as "Redwing" by Karl Stambaugh, N.A.., she took 1 yr and 4 mos of steady work to build. Powered by a 15hp 4-stroke Honda engine in a sound-insulated engine compartment, she is steered by standard cable-pulley mechanisms. She sports a small marine head and galley, sleeps two, but will accommodate four for evening cruises. If she looks like a circa 1900 Chesapeake oyster boat, that's because she is, simply adapted to ply, oak, fiberglass, and epoxy building techniques. Launched in June, she has been in the water since. A pleasure to see and steer, she will now receive attention to cabin brightwork.

Don Lewis
Rock River, Dixon, Illinois


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