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August, 2001

I am happy to announce that I have created a yahoo-group on inflatable boats. Now join if you like, I would appreciate any input, photo's, stories etc. 

Best regards,

Tim Bouman

August, 2001

I built a small page for the messabout. Not much, but I think it will do the job. 


Mike Saunders 

August, 2001

From: Barend Migchelsen

Coming fall an 8-hours, hands-on, continued-education, evening course for aspiring boat building amateurs starts at Vanier College, 815 Ste-Croix, St. Laurent. For more information, please call (514) 744-7000, or e-mail:

August, 2001

From: Bob Archibald 

I have two boats for sale (my wife says) Matt Layden Paradox on good galvanized trailer, practically new sail and an outboard bracket $500 - Martha Jane, think this is probably boat #1, it needs work, on a tandem axel trailer $2500.  My wife says 'for immediate sale and removal' -  IF YOU CAN'T MAKE A DEAL WITH ME CALL HER!  Bob Archibald  P.O.Box 933 Steinhatchee Fl. 32359 Phone (325) 498 2111


August, 2001

From: Larry W. Pullon 

Hey Chuck,
I found a great deal on a brand new Coleman 9x13 cabin tent with the doors in the end. The Tentboat hull is now 6x21 with a max beam of 7 feet with the side panels down and 9 feet with the panels extended for camping.  Planned power was supposed to be a 25 - 40 hp jet but  we know the boat would be just as happy with a 25 hp outboard with a prop.   I've got to have shallow water so I can hide out on the shallow trout rivers and avoid the crowds.  Jim Michalak figured the draft for me and said she would float at 3.5 inches loaded! So,  here's the concept drawing of Tentboat. I plan to construct her in late winter or early spring (after the shop and Jetfish). Hopefully she will be ready for the messabout next June.


August, 2001

From Frank San Miguel 

Hi Chuck,

Your caprice looks great! I've added a description of our elegant punt family boatbuilding project at: 

I've added a page about a trip to Wyoming in our AF3 at:

You may have also noticed on the bolger group that we bought an AS-29, Herb Taylor's Alisa. We have great expectations for her.


August, 2001harri

From Rob Denny


Attached a couple of photos of harrigami, 35' folding, trailerable proa. 

Photos show half hull planked waiting for the edge glue to cure (timber is Paulonia, Chinese hardwood, 85% the weight of cedar, 1/3rd the price), and same hull, ready for glassing. 

35 hours to this stage, including drawing and cutting frames, setting up strongback and frames and planking.




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