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Obsolete Outboards by Max Wawrzyniak

feb 2003

Swap Meets

jan 2003

Pressure Tanks

dec 2002

Column #1

From the Drawing Board by John Welsford

feb 2003

Port Townsend (take two)

jan 2003


dec 2002

Mr. Bolger would laugh his socks off...

nov 2002

I am Building a Boat

oct  2002


sept  2002

So how to do it

aug 2002

On Customers

Notes from the IABBS by Jim Betts

jan 2003 Boat Builder not Guilty in Public Nudity Case
dec 2002 Tinkerbelle Revised With New Improved Design
nov 2002 More Tips for the Amateur Builder
oct 2002 Would a Small Boat Appeal to a Wide Audience of Builders?
july 2002 Tips for the Amateur Builder
may 2002 Good Design + Modern Materials = Success

Slogging to Windward by Chuck Merrell

mar 2002 Want to Build a Boat? Why not Design it too? (Part 2)
jan 2002 Want to Build a Boat? Why not Design it too? (Part 1)
oct 2001 Somber September
aug 2001 Real Boatbuilders
july 2001 MDO/HDO
may 2001 Shame on SNAME
mar 2001 Ballast: Boring or Beautiful
feb 2001 Design Analysis Ratios: Part Two
jan 2001 Design Analysis Ratios: Part One
dec 2000 The Mystery of the Christmas Dinghy is solved!
nov 2000 A Dingo Ate Me Baby
oct 2000 Harry's gone, but Jack's back
sept 2000 Beware the Guru

Springlines   by Ed Sasser

may 2002 The Interview
feb 2002 While You Were Out
jan 2002 Remembering Eddy's Chuck
oct 2001 Breaking News
sept 2001 Next Stop - Mexico
aug 2001 The Most Subversive Book in America Today
june 2001 Multi-tasking?  Bureaucrats
may 2001 Multiple Hats
apr 2001 A Little Excursion
mar 2001 Noodlers Anonymous
feb 2001 A Little Something Extra for the Assistant Harbormaster
jan 2001 Soaking in Borrowed Time
dec 2000 Epirbian Nights
nov 2001 Thanksgiving Dinner

From the Boatshop  by Ron Magen

dec 2002 (YO) HO - HO - HO !
nov 2002 Goolies, Ghosties and Things that go Bump in the Night
aug 2002 That free lunch I mentioned
july 2002 ...they steal it
june 2002 Weekend Pirates
may 2002 ...and now a word from our sponsors...
apr 2002 How to STAY in Business
mar 2002 The Miracle Material of the Age
feb 2002 Building Methods; Pro & Con and How & When
jan 2002 2001 - not a SPACE odyssey
dec 2001 "Achievable Dreams"
nov 2001 Conestoga Cover
oct 2001 Tools is Tools
sept 2001 Things “THEY” Don’t Tell You About First
aug 2001 It Costs WHAT !!??!!
july2001 Stop the World: I Want to Build a Boat!
june 2001 What's in a SNAME?
may 2001 Is Bigger Really Better?

Ahoy! by guest columnist

Richard Frye Cornbread VS Little Boats
"Jolly Roger" A Quick Guide To Sailors:
Paul Browne Too Close for Comfort
Mike Connelly The Hat's Meow
Mike Saunders What is a Dinghy?
David Ryan ...sit down in your Moaning Chair...
Lee Rust Building Dreams
Bill Sandifer A Call to Yardarms
Peter Vanderwaart A Short Story with Several Lessons
Lew Clayman Lake Fever
Richard Spelling Sailboat, 20ft, shallow draft, trailer
John Welsford From the Designer's Point of View
Pat Patteson Rising from the Ashes
Larry Pullon The Dream
Dave Robertson Spirituality
John Bell Mr Moon
Bryan Lowe Escargot Makes it to the Boat Show
Mike Goodwin My Take on the SNAME Controversy
Mark Zeiger My Martha Jane
Joe White So, I joined the Navy
Ron Magen Weekend Pirates
Gavin Atkin Are You Moderate Enough?
Stuart Hill Because it's there
Audrey Leinweber A Peripheral View
Ed Sasser Coal Kicker
David Beede Life as a Spectator Sport
Capt Len Susman Multihull Preservation Society

Amateur Hour  by Kevin Walsh

october 2002 Hey, it's October! Time for the July column
june 2002 The Physics of Ineptitude
may 2002 Better Living Through Chemistry
mar 2002 Boat Building's Dirty Little Secret
jan 2002 The Noble Spokeshave

Chaplain's Corner  by George Shannon

dec 2001 Number Eight
aug 2001 Number Seven
july 2001 Number Six
apr 2001 Number Five
feb 2001 Number Four
jan 2001 Number Three
dec 2000 Number Two
nov 2000 Number One

Dreamboats  by Jeff Glibert

jan 2001 How Difficult Can It Be
dec 2000 Laws & Rules & other Bull
nov 2000 Fast Passages
oct 2000 Fortri
sept 2000 Squeeze Box