"Girl in a Boat"
Photo Contest Entries


Joanne Donati, aka Pesky Crew
LESTAT, a Phil Bolger MICRO
built by Peter Lenihan
Lachine Canal, Quebec
photo by Peter Lenihan
Laura Widmier (back) and
Audrey Widmier (front)
Design: modified Atkin Flying Mouse
Built by Scott Widmier
Mogadore Reservior in NE Ohio
photo by Scott Widmier
Amanda Shaw
"Lilly" a Jim Michalak designed "Toto"
built by Barry Johnson
Lake Hartwell, South Carolina
Photo by Barry Johnson
Tricia Blazy
"Calypsee", designed and
built by John Blazy
Upper Lake Leelanau near Traverse City, Michigan
Photo by John Blazy
Nitasha Lewis
"TUKI" a ScoutCanu designed and built by Steven Lewis
no name pond in Sioux City Iowa
photo by Steven Lewis
Kari Richards
"Juile K" a Stevenson Weekender
built by Dave Richards
Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis
photo by Mike Grupa
Amy Wallis
"Polliwog" designed and
built by Andy Wallis
Chequamegon bay at Washburn, WI
photo by Andy Wallis
Josephine Day age 5 1/2
Baffin Island style Greenlandish kayak
designed and built by Paul Day
Lake Douglas, Western Australia
Photo by Susan Day
Amanda Yilmaz
"Mouse" designed by Gavin Atkin
built by Susan Davis
Genesee River, Rochester NY
Photo by Susan Davis
Anke Plummer
Selway-Fisher 14' Canadian Canoe
built by Will Plummer
living room in Milton Keynes, UK
photo by Will Plummer
Julie Bullen
"Rascal" Designed by Ken Basset
built by Chris Bullen
Lake Muskoka, Newmarket, Ontario.
Photo by Chris Bullen
Emily Farris
FL14 - Jacques Mertens
Builder - Wayne Farris
Oak Mountain Lake, Pelham, Alabama
photo by Wayne Farris
Christina Wycoff
IMB designed by Jim Michalak
built by Bob Williams
Lake Conroe, Texas
Photo by Shorty Routh
Brenna Hoppe
Vamp, designed by Jim Michalak
Built by Rick Cunningham
Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama
Photo by Rick Cunningham
Brenna Roberts (age 4)
CLC Skerry
'E T Bugaboo' built by Steven Roberts
the Roberts' shop
Photo by Steven Roberts
Ella Atkin
'Lion' a Mouse designed and
built by her father Gavin
the harbour at St Mawes, Devon, England
Photo by Gavin Atkin
Girls: Audrey Widmier (right) Bridget Benbow (Left)
Pocket Cruiser (Stevenson)
Built by Scott Widmier
West Branch reservoir in NE Ohio
Photo by Scott Widmier
Elaine Hector
John Welsford Seagull
"Twisted Seagull" built by Bruce Hector
Cataraqui River, Kingston, ON
Photo by Bruce Hector
Susan Davis
Gloucester Gull designed by Phil Bolger
"Eugene" built by Susan Davis
Erie Canal, Rochester NY
Photo by Amanda Yilmaz
Amanda Yilmaz
Gloucester Gull designed by Phil Bolger
"Eugene" built by Susan Davis
Genesee River, Rochester NY
Photo by Susan Davis
Pat Beninger
Wee Lassie built by Rick Crook
McCleary Lake, southeast corner of the Bowron Lakes chain
Photo by Rick Crook

Rebecca Wassmer (Who is now Rebecca Schuler)
Wee Lassie built by Joseph Schuler
Carnegie Lake, in Princeton, NJ
photo by Joseph Schuler

fishermouse designed by Gavin Atkin
built by Bryant Owen
Liftlocks in Peterborough Canada
photo by Bryant Owen
Patricia Sieber
mouse designed by Gavin Atkin
"Molly Brown" built by Michael Connelly
Palermo, Maine
photo by Michael Connelly